Something a little bit different…

April 5

Martha’s worked on something a little different…

​First, I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Martha’s got beautiful flowers blooming in her garden. She’s busy planting other things in her secret garden in Austin. If you’re in the Facebook group, she’s shared a number of pictures! Check them out.

Martha’s made no secret about her career as an author. Now she’s taken part in an anthology written by authors giving tips, hints, and lessons to aspiring authors. If you want to see what it’s about check out Titan’s Rising!

Did you see all the preorders we have available? The Crimson AssaultMagic Lost, and Rogue Victory are all available. Don’t miss out!  They come out in April!

Until next time…

If today’s most successful publishers, editors, and writers wanted to share the lessons they’ve learned, would you listen?

If they wanted to write down those lessons so you wouldn’t miss anything, would you read them?

If they also turned those lessons into actionable steps, would you follow their principles for success?

Just as Napoleon Hill gathered the wisdom of the business world in Think and Grow Rich, Titans Rising seeks to gather the wisdom of today’s greatest Indie and Small Press authors and publishers to determine the underlying commonalities, which can reveal the unseen truths of the state of publishing today. Titans Rising brings all of that and more to those who want to better understand the rapidly changing world of 21st-century publishing, where it is now, how it got there, and where it is going.

For the writer and publishing industry professional, Titans Rising will be the most important book you read all year.

With input from:
Joe Solari
Kevin J. Anderson
Craig Martelle
Dakota Krout
R. J. Blain
Toni Weisskopf
Rick Partlow
Tim C. Taylor
Lydia Sherrer
Kevin Steverson
JN Chaney
Martha Carr
Mel Todd
Colonel Jonathan Brazee, USMC (Ret.)
Nick Thacker
James Rosone
James Hunter and Jeanette Strode
Rhett C. Bruno
Kevin McLaughlin
Nora Phoenix


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