A new release and a boxset at fan pricing. Isn’t it exciting?

Fan pricing Saturday is here! Another week has sped past us and it’s Saturday once again. You know what that means! Curse in the Glades is 99 cents for today only! Continue the adventures with Amanda and her friends at the Academy of Necessary Magic where future bounty hunters learn how to be good bounty hunters. And […]

What is the creature hiding in the swamp? Join Amanda to find out!

Sophomore year is starting at the Academy and a box set sale! Class is back in session. Not only is it a new semester, but a new year for Amanda at the Academy of Necessary Magic in Curse in the Glades. New semester, new problems, including a giant blue-fish-snake monster living in the swamp near the school. […]

New Release! Book 3 of Academy of Necessary Magic Now Available!

Amanda Coulier and her classmates are back at the Academy of Necessary Magic. Summer is over and sophomore year is kicking into high gear. Fewer rules means more freedom, but that can come with a price. Things are going missing from teachers’ offices and students are the prime suspects. Will Amanda be able to clear […]

What is your favorite color to wear? Are you goth like Cheyenne?

Fan pricing on two books and it’s your last chance to preorder! The weather is definitely changing for the warmer and better. I have even seen some flowers blooming. You wouldn’t think we would this close to that bitterly cold air that hit as far south as it is, but it’s a testament to how […]

Johnny’s back this week in Dwarf It All!

It’s another winner! It looks like you all are REALLY enjoying the Dwarf Bounty Hunter. Dwarf It Al! is already a best seller! I know it thrills Martha to see how much you guys are enjoying this series and the other series. If you haven’t picked it up yet, Johnny, Lisa, and the dogs are dealing with lingering issues […]

Fan pricing and a new series launches tomorrow!

Fan pricing Saturday is here and it’s your last chance to preorder! It’s the end of the month. February has sped past us with the biggest slow spot being during that frigid cold week that gripped the country, but things are warming back up and returning to normal. It’s the last Saturday in the month […]

Amanda and Cheyenne’s adventures continue in this week’s releases!

Two of your favorite heroines are back this week! Amanda begins her second semester at the Academy of Necessary Magic in Magic in the Marsh. She has a lot to learn and even more to figure out. Growing up shifter is hard, but juggling school, extra-curriculars and friendships along with classwork is even harder. Maybe she can survive […]