Amanda and Cheyenne’s adventures continue in this week’s releases!

Two of your favorite heroines are back this week! Amanda begins her second semester at the Academy of Necessary Magic in Magic in the Marsh. She has a lot to learn and even more to figure out. Growing up shifter is hard, but juggling school, extra-curriculars and friendships along with classwork is even harder. Maybe she can survive […]

New Release! Book 2 of Academy of Necessary Magic Now Available!

Amanda Coulier is a teen shifter settling into boarding school with a bounty hunter for a guardian. Second semester has started and what better way to kick off the school year than using a bounty hunter’s borrowed gadgets to find the Everglades Kemana? Amanda’s searching for her talent, besides fur and fangs. Magic definitely isn’t […]

Fan pricing and the Academy is back in session tomorrow!

A re-release of a favorite series Fan pricing Saturday is here! If you don’t have the original Goth Drow series, now is a perfect time to start with the individual books, released under Goth Drow Unleashed with the first book in the series Strange and Unusual. This is book one of the three books found within Once Upon […]

Did you hear? The Academy of Necessary Magic opened its doors on Sunday!

It’s a school like no other. If you wanted to be a bounty hunter… class is in session! Johnny needed a school for his ward, Amanda Coulier. What better place to send the shifter than to a bounty hunter school founded by him and two other high-level bounty hunters with other gifted students who needed […]

Sneak Peek: Read Chapter 1 of Shifter In The Swamp!

Shifter In The Swamp, book 1 of Academy of Necessary Magic, releases Jan. 24! Read the sneak peek below then look for it on Amazon tomorrow! Chapter 1 I’m never gonna be able to sleep like this. Amanda Coulier lay in her twin-sized bed in room 228C and stared at the plain white ceiling panels […]