How about some great books to kick off your weekend?

Happy 4th of July to everyone that celebrates, for those that don’t celebrate, have a happy fan pricing Saturday!Before you spend tomorrow firing off fireworks, be sure to grab the great books on sale this weekend. First up is Jinx in the Hinterlands. Don’t miss out on the adventures of junior year, including driving lessons and […]

New Release! Book 4 of Azophi Academy Now Available!

It’s time for Jax’s enemies to pay their debts. They’ve tried to kill him. They’ve tried to kill his friends. Zavion Arlox has set traps on top of traps. Turning the tables will require every bit of experience Jax possesses, plus a lot of luck. The Academy, the Cronus and Jax’s friends are all in […]

New Release! Book 3 of Azophi Academy Now Available!

Jackson Reese is being hunted across the cosmos. He’s got aliens, governments, and space pirates to contend with, and they’re turning up the heat. Trying to uncover the conspiracy around the stolen Artificial Intelligence in his head is challenging enough; now he’ll need to do it while bullets and blasts fly. And the enemies know […]

New Release! Book 2 of Azophi Academy Now Available!

Aliens, Robots, and Enemy Humans all want Jackson Reese dead. They won’t see him coming. Jax and his team from Azophi Academy will need to TRUST each other on their next mission. They’re on the hunt for a new enemy AI. But will a new recruit pull their team apart? To succeed, each member will […]

Sneak Peek! Chapter 1 of Control, Book 1 of Azophi Academy!

A loud clang reverberated through the shuttle, inspiring the immediate fear that an enemy had spotted them. When the vessel keeping them alive failed to disintegrate around his squad, Captain Jackson Reese breathed a sigh of relief, followed by a growled, “Hey, Stick, what the hell?” The pilot’s response crackled through the comm he wore […]