New Release! Goth Drow Unleashed Book 7 Now Available!

Cheyenne’s passed her Drow trials but there’s one more step to claim her legacy. Note: Previously released as part of the megabook The Drow There and Nothing More. ​The secret contained in the heart of Ambar’ogúl and a coin placed on the Crown’s altar. But not without her father’s help. Will L’zar Verdys risk everything […]

New Release! Book 6 of Goth Drow Unleashed Now Available!

What does a Drow do when the Crown doesn’t want her to complete the trials? If you’re Cheyenne Summerlin, you work with your allies and try even harder to complete them. Just for fun. That’s how a Goth Drow does it, anyway. Finishing the trials may be key to stopping a hidden war that’s bubbling […]

An Easter treat and an Easter release! Don’t miss out!

Fan Pricing and TWO preorders! Not only is it Fan Pricing Saturday, but it’s also a holiday weekend for many people. Which often means more time for reading and spending time with family. Whatever you are planning to do this weekend, hopefully you have some time to enjoy a few good books. Since it is […]

Nothing gets in the way of a Goth Drow. Not even Agents of Darkness!

Cheyenne’s life is changing and it’s not due to the impending trials she has to complete. School is getting more complicated and Ember is recovering well. But will Cheyenne have enough time to master her powers and learn new spells before she takes on the trials? Find out! Continue her adventures this week with Agents of Darkness! […]

New Release! Book 5 of Goth Drow Unleashed Now Available!

More magic, more mayhem. Things are going BOOM in unexpected way for Cheyenne, including her car. Note: Agents of Darkness was originally published as a part of the megabook Quote the Drow Nevermore. Cheyenne’s life is changing, but is it for the better? She’s learning how to control her magic, but still has a long way to go before […]

New Release! Book 4 of Goth Drow Unleashed Now Available!

Have you ever been caught between two identities? Note: Only the Strong Wear Black was originally published as a part of the megabook Quote the Drow Nevermore. Cheyenne’s come face-to-face with her jailbird Drow dad. She has to come to terms with the whole picture of her family. Mom was a political operative, and Dad likes to plot anarchy. […]

A new series to kick off March! Are you excited?

There’s three amazing books this week! It’s an exciting week! Secret Agent Mom is here! Join Lucy Heron as she balances being a mom, a baker, and Silver Griffents Agent 485. She’s finding out Los Angeles is hiding a lot of secrets and not the good kinds of secrets. But you know she’s raising her kids […]

Fan pricing and a new series launches tomorrow!

Fan pricing Saturday is here and it’s your last chance to preorder! It’s the end of the month. February has sped past us with the biggest slow spot being during that frigid cold week that gripped the country, but things are warming back up and returning to normal. It’s the last Saturday in the month […]