New Release! Book 15 of Goth Drow Unleashed Now Available!

Cheyenne Summerlin sought answers about her condition from the Banebreaker, but the answers she got weren’t what she was wanted. NOTE: Enter the Drow was previously released as part of The Drow Hath Sent Thee. What is a Drow to do when things aren’t going her way? Fight harder. Cheyenne and Bianca are running out of options. It’s […]

Will the blight poison ever leave Cheyenne’s body?

Happy Wednesday! The Drow Prophecy was released so late in the day yesterday, we decided to wait until today to tell you about the new release! Cheyenne’s problems with the FRoE are growing and finding out what’s going on with the group as well as finding a way to reverse her mom’s curse and the […]

New Release! Book 14 of Goth Drow Unleashed Now Available!

When friends are enemies and enemies are friends, it’s hard for Cheyenne to know who to trust – especially within the FRoE. NOTE: The Drow Prophecy was previously released as part of The Drow Hath Sent Thee. Things are changing with Cheyenne’s mom and not for the better. A new rune appears on Cheyenne’s skin, and they know […]

Can the Goth Drow find a replacement for the throne?

Can Cheyenne step into her role as Drow Royalty on Earth? Cheyenne’s saga continues this week with book 13 of Goth Drow Unleashed, The Drow Lineage. More magic, more problems as Cheyenne is quickly finding out now that her aunt is off the throne. Can she get all of her to-do list done AND find a […]

An Easter treat and an Easter release! Don’t miss out!

Fan Pricing and TWO preorders! Not only is it Fan Pricing Saturday, but it’s also a holiday weekend for many people. Which often means more time for reading and spending time with family. Whatever you are planning to do this weekend, hopefully you have some time to enjoy a few good books. Since it is […]

Boxsets and audiobooks, oh my!

More Goth Drow audiobooks heading your way! Happy Saturday It’s Fan Pricing Saturday! And The Federal Agents of Magic Complete Series Boxed Set is still on sale for just 99 cents! If you don’t have your copy yet, now is a great time to get it. And if you do have it, tell your friends! We love […]

Last chance for free books! And more audiobooks!

Did you have a Merry Christmas? It’s boxing day, a holiday after Christmas celebrated by a number of countries. It used to be a day to give to things to the less fortunate, but now it’s more of a shopping holiday. If you have an opportunity and are fortunate enough to be able to help […]

Are you excited for fan pricing Saturday? Two great books at fan pricing!

Continue the adventures with Cheyenne and Leira with fan pricing! The weekend is here and you know what that means. Both books that released at the beginning of the week are at fan pricing. Join Cheyenne on her challenges as she leads the Drow and deals with a new enemy in The Drow Will Leave. Then start on a new […]

Are you ready for two new novels this week?

It’s time to cheer for our two favorite heroines of the week! Cheyenne returns in the exciting conclusion to the Goth Drow series The Drow Will Leave! If you preordered your copy, then it should have arrived early Sunday morning! If not, you still have time to pick it up! Cheyenne is leading the Drow but […]