New Release! Book 12 of Goth Drow Unleashed Now Available!

Cheyenne Summerlin has 11 days to gather her terms for Ba’rael, find someone to take her place as the new O’gúl Crown, and deal with a traitor in the FRoE. Her dance card is already full with weapons and betrayal. NOTE: The Drow Challenge was previously released as part of The Drow Grew Stronger. But when her mother […]

Fan pricing, a new release and two preorders – don’t miss out! –

Happy Saturday everyone!Can you believe June is almost over and next weekend is the Fourth of July? We are now going into the second half of the year which means time is flying past. That’s always a good thing considering all the great books coming your way later this year. (Yes, yes, I AM teasing […]

Are you ready for a daring drow and some summer shenanigans?

The longest day of the year has passed and the days slowly get shorter from here on out. But until winter hits, I know a lot of you will be outside enjoying the cool evening breezes and time at the pool.Since yesterday was the summer solstice, it was only fitting that Summer Solstice Shenanigans launched yesterday. Featuring […]

New Release! Book 11 of Goth Drow Unleashed Now Available!

The clock is ticking. Cheyenne Summerlin has TWO weeks to find someone else to take her place on the throne. Better search fast because the Crown isn’t keen on waiting. NOTE: Dare to Drow was previously released as part of The Drow Grew Stronger. And the Crown isn’t the only one Cheyenne is having problems with. Tensions are […]

New Release! Book 10 of Goth Drow Unleashed Now Available!

Cheyenne is at the crossroads. Who will sit on the Drow throne? NOTE: Drow Royalty was previously released as part of The Drow Grew Stronger. The blight is still ravaging Ambar’ogúl and spilling through the Border portals into Earth. It’s hard enough to discover the secrets in her father’s world that will force the Crown to step down. […]

Two new releases and a new contest you’ll love!

Summer is definitely here. Work has started on Martha’s new garden in her backyard and she’s shared some videos of what’s happening back there and I know more pictures and photos will be coming soon enough. Are you doing yard work or planting a garden of your own?We kick this last week of May off […]

New Release! Book 9 of Goth Drow Unleashed Now Available!

Even magical families have their share of secrets. And Drow Royalty’s secrets run even deeper – with a hint of danger. Cheyenne Summerlin’s finding that out firsthand. Note: Warrior Drow was originally published as a part of the megabook The Drow There and Nothing More. Can anyone in her family tell the truth and avoid the mayhem? That doesn’t […]

Has anyone noticed Los Angeles is going to the monsters?

Heroines on opposite coasts, both kicking butt and taking names! Another week, another release, or two (as is the case this week). First up, Rogue Mom, which released on Sunday! Lucy and the Silver Griffins have a new enemy to deal with. But this enemy is targeting their dreams and aspirations and it’s causing a lot […]