Are you ready to continue the Federal Agents of Magic’s story?

The Federal Agents of Magic’s story continues! It sounds like a number of you were eagerly awaiting Rogue Agents of Magic. I know you loved Diana, Rath and the rest of the crew and it really shows. It’s fan pricing Saturday! That means Rogue Ops, book 1 of Rogue Agents of Magic, is just 99 cents! […]

Join Diana, Rath, and the rest on their new adventure!

Release day is finally here! Today’s the day. For all of you that were wanting Federal Agents of Magic to continue, it does to starting today Rogue Ops, book 1 of Rogue Agents of Magic. Diana Sheen, Rath, Cara, Bryan and the team are back, but this time things have changed. They are no longer trusted […]

Would you like to read a sneak peek of A Defender Rises?

Last chances to preorder and a sneak peek of A Defender Rises! Happy New Year! I hope if you celebrated, you did so safely and we all wish you a wonderful 2021 – one that was better than last year. We have delayed Lunch Together While Apart until January 8. You can register to win […]