Dive into these amazing reads this weekend!

Continue Sophie’s story with fan pricing! Before we talk about books this weekend, I’d thought I’d share a picture Martha has shared of the progress on her Dark Forest which will be taking over her front yard for Halloween. She’s currently building the Gardner’s throne. Check it out! And she’s planning to be a dryad […]

Sophie Briggs and her friends return to the School of Roots and Vines

Sophie Briggs and her friends start their second semester this week! Thanks to everyone who joined us for lunch last Friday along with our special guest host, Sarah Noffke. We saw a bunch of new faces and some familiar faces as well and we look forward to seeing all of you at the November lunch. […]

Last chance to get these boxed sets before more are discounted next week

It’s your last chance to get these 5 boxed sets at 99 cents! If you aren’t in Martha’s Facebook groups or following her on her fan page, you may have missed some news we are all celebrating. So we’re sharing it here: “Got a very very good report from all the tests at MD Anderson. […]

The celebration continues with five more boxed sets and a free book

The celebration goes on with five more boxed sets! It’s the second week of July and another round of Oriceran boxed sets are discounted for all of you lovely fans! If you missed these when they were on sale in the past, it’s a perfect opportunity to pick them up! This week’s boxed sets are: […]

New Release: Book 2 of The Never Ending War Now Available!

An old menace has returned to destroy her town. Will a young mage and her large dragon be enough?​ Raven’s grandfather, Connor Alby has taken off and she has suddenly found herself alone and boarding at Fowler Academy. The Swarm approaches from above and below, and these monsters don’t know how to quit. Will the […]