There are treats inside – a sneak peek and fan pricing

Trick or treat! Give me something good to read! Okay, okay, it’s more like we’re giving you something good to read over us asking for something good to read, but I’m sure you knew what I meant. Not only do we have one book at fan pricing, another new release that will be on fan […]

Sneak peek: Check out Chapter 1 of Big Monster Money!

If you’re a fan of the Kurtherian Gambit Universe, then you’re already familiar with Charles Tillman and his portrayal of fan favorite character, Akio. Now he brings you a story in the Oriceran Universe. If you read his short story in the Oriceran Fans Write anthology, then you have an idea what this is about.  […]

New Release! Book 12 of The Warrior Now Available!

An international mission tracking the source of monsters, and a familiar surprise, await the Elemental, Idina Moorfield and Hellion’s Bravo Team. Now that they’ve recognized the pattern, Idina and her unit need to close the Monstrous Pandora’s Box to balance out the scales after defeating the Olc. But supernatural entities in Scotland are nothing like […]

A new release, a Halloween treat and more pictures of The Dark Forest

The Dark Garden is finished… Martha had a dress rehearsal for the Dark Forest this past weekend and shared a bunch of pictures of it. I figured since we’re inching ever closer to Halloween, it was only appropriate to share even more pictures of the wonderful creations she has created. Check out Martha in her costume! […]

New Release! Book 6 of Witch Warrior Now Available!

Shifters to the left, gangsters to the right… Cait Keane and her dragon partner Aza are stuck in the middle. The problems are mounting for the newest member of Boston’s US Marshals. Her coven is pressed by territorial shifters, and the wolves have a secret partner who has plans of her own. Cait might even […]

Can Winland sort out the truth from the lies? Find out in Five If By Flight

Things are changing all around Winland… Martha finished up the Gardener’s throne this weekend and is on to creating animals for the Dark Forest. I wouldn’t be surprised if you see more pictures from her house by the weekend! I know I’m looking forward to them. ​​The citizens of East Calico Rock have grown in […]

New Release! Book 5 of Chronicles of Winland Underwood Now Available!

Winland Underwood wasn’t gone long from East Calico Rock, but a lot has changed. The least of which is the citizens were able to capture the Silver Griffin traitor, Erickson, without her. But more refugees keep arriving, and the town is expanding. Erickson wasn’t the only threat to everyone’s safety. Can the young witch leave […]

Dive into these amazing reads this weekend!

Continue Sophie’s story with fan pricing! Before we talk about books this weekend, I’d thought I’d share a picture Martha has shared of the progress on her Dark Forest which will be taking over her front yard for Halloween. She’s currently building the Gardner’s throne. Check it out! And she’s planning to be a dryad […]

Sophie Briggs and her friends return to the School of Roots and Vines

Sophie Briggs and her friends start their second semester this week! Thanks to everyone who joined us for lunch last Friday along with our special guest host, Sarah Noffke. We saw a bunch of new faces and some familiar faces as well and we look forward to seeing all of you at the November lunch. […]