There are treats inside – a sneak peek and fan pricing

Trick or treat! Give me something good to read! Okay, okay, it’s more like we’re giving you something good to read over us asking for something good to read, but I’m sure you knew what I meant. Not only do we have one book at fan pricing, another new release that will be on fan […]

Sneak peek: Check out Chapter 1 of Big Monster Money!

If you’re a fan of the Kurtherian Gambit Universe, then you’re already familiar with Charles Tillman and his portrayal of fan favorite character, Akio. Now he brings you a story in the Oriceran Universe. If you read his short story in the Oriceran Fans Write anthology, then you have an idea what this is about.  […]

The Warrior is coming on audio and last chance to get Estelle’s story

We have a bunch of news this week… If you’ve been waiting for The Warrior series or The Leira Chronicles to come to audiobook, I have some news for you! Get Smoked Or Go Home is available for preorder and releases on September 20. So if you were eagerly awaiting listening to that story,  it’s arriving […]

Are you ready for the exciting conclusion to The Evermores Chronicles?

It’s your last chance to preorder Magic Awakens and there’s a special sneak peek this week! Happy Saturday! Martha is out in the land of sunshine and movie stars this weekend getting to see a movie premiere produced by other indie authors. Check out her photos on Facebook. You might even recognize a name or […]

A Special Sneak Peek of One If By Land!

Chapter 1   Winland Underwood’s boots crunched across the loose pebbles and uneven dirt surrounding the town limits of East Calico Rock, Arkansas. Most people would have thought a perimeter check around a ghost town in the Ozarks was a waste of time. Then again, most people didn’t know that East Calico Rock was no […]

There’s magic – and dragons – in the air!

Holiday season is right around the corner… This past week felt like it flew by. From what I hear from Martha and her assistant, it was a crazy week that disappeared in half the time it should have. I guess that is what happens when you have two books releasing right after a convention and […]

A new series launches this week and another continues today; check it out!

It looks like we got back from Vegas just in time… Nothing starts a week back from Vegas like not one, but TWO new releases! And I know you all are excited for both of these.First up, a new series in the Oriceran Universe. Magic Inc., book 1 of The Evermores Chronicles, released yesterday! How cool […]

Good news and an update!

It’s that time of year! Martha, her assistant, and many LMBPN authors, including Michael Anderle and other authors are heading to Vegas next week for the 20Books writing conference followed by the author signing day on Friday, November 13. If you’re heading to Vegas, be sure to visit with Martha and get some of the […]

Do you like FREE books? How about audiobooks? Check inside for both!

Merry Christmas to all! We have gifts for you! It’s a few days early to say this, but this is the last time you’ll hear from us before Christmas, it’s the best time to say it. Martha sends her best wishes for a very Merry Christmas! Whether you are staying home or traveling, we hope […]