When the punches keep coming, the Rogue Agents of Magic just hit back harder

Diana is the problem everyone wants gone… It’s release day for Rogue Rampage and Diana and the team are dealing with a bunch of problems where the Rhazdon artifacts are concerned. Diana, Cara, Rath the troll, and the rest of the Rogue Agents of Magic are here to cause trouble for those who use magic for evil. No […]

New Release! Book 6 of Rogue Agents of Magic is Now Available!

When the punches keep coming, hit back harder. Diana Sheen is in the crosshairs of the military, the Rhazdon cult, and a mysterious foe on Oriceran. She’s the problem everyone wants gone. Too bad. Diana, Cara, Rath the troll, and the rest of the Rogue Agents of Magic are here to cause trouble for those […]

Tracking down artifacts and enemies is Diana’s game. Join her!

Fan pricing and a last chance to preorder! Another weekend is here and that means another great book is waiting to be picked up at Fan Pricing! This week, the Rogue Agents of Magic returned in Rogue Agents on the Hunt. Join our favorite agents as they hunt down Rhazdon Artifacts and stopping a cult […]

Can the team keep Rhazdon artifacts out of the wrong hands?

The Rogue Agents are facing new challenges. Amongst them a new contender for the Rhazdon Artifacts! Seems like crazy weather is on tap for many across the U.S. this week. Some weeks it is harder than others to control the weather, but I’m doing my best. ​​​Bright and early this morning,​ Rogue Agents on the Hunt released. […]

New Release! Book 5 of Rogue Agents of Magic Now Available!

The artifact cult has a new target… and it’s Diana Sheen and Rath the troll. A new side has declared itself in the battle for control of the Rhazdon artifacts spreading evil through the country. It’s up to Diana, Rath and Cara to keep the artifacts out of their twitchy hands. On the magical world […]

All I want for Christmas is… Fan Pricing!

Christmas AND Fan Pricing? What could be better? Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone who celebrates a holiday this season! Whether you are having a white Christmas, a warmer one or one somewhere in the middle, I hope you get to enjoy this weekend and the holidays with those you want to spend time […]

Diana and the Rogue Agents are back… just in time for Christmas!

The last book to release before Christmas is here. Diana and her agents are looking to get a little bit of payback in Rogue Retribution, which released this morning! It seems like everyone, including the military, want to get their hands on the Rhazdon artifacts. Which is really not a good idea. Leira had to convince people of […]

New Release! Book 4 of Rogue Agents of Magic Now Available!

It’s time for payback! After the capture and daring rescue of her teammate – bullets flying – Diana Sheen is focusing on a new mission. Push back the cult emerging around Rhazdon artifacts. Some Oriceran evil just can’t stay dead. The legacy of the half-Atlantean’s magic is a dark and ancient magic that must be […]

Join Diana as she evens the odds

Did you get enough pie?  Everyone seemed to be looking forward to a variety of pie this Thanksgiving, along with the rest of the food that was cooked up the past few days. I hope you got to enjoy your favorite dishes and had some leftovers to enjoy. Many people are taking advantage of the […]

Join Diana and the team for a Rogue Rescue!

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? If you aren’t, you have today to hit the shops and get the last-minute things you need before the cooking and eating fest begins! I don’t know about you, but I may see if I can get Maggie or the Pressler sisters to bake some pies. I’m sure everyone would […]