Check out this special sneak peek of Academy of Necessary Magic and more!

…and if you haven’t picked up the Scions of Magic Complete Boxed Set, there’s time to do so! A new series launches tomorrow and we’ve got a special sneak peek for you below. You’ll get to meet Amanda Coulier and Summer Flannerty as they begin their first semester at the Academy of Necessary Magic – […]

Sneak Peek: Take a look at A Defender Rises Chapter 1!

Ruby shook her head in annoyance as she watched Jennifer flounce through the crowd toward the restroom. Meeting her at all was stupid enough. Meeting her here, though, that took some special effort at being dumb. Well done, Ruby. She sighed and finished off her Ringer, a Pilsner from a craft brewery on the other […]

Get a special sneak peek of Defender of Magic!

The first of eight brand new books in The Leira Chronicles series releases on Monday and we want YOU to have a sneak peek. And it’s quite the sneak peek too. We’ll give you a little teaser below, but link you to a download for the first three chapters. If you haven’t preordered Defender of […]

Sneak Peek! Chapter 1 of Control, Book 1 of Azophi Academy!

A loud clang reverberated through the shuttle, inspiring the immediate fear that an enemy had spotted them. When the vessel keeping them alive failed to disintegrate around his squad, Captain Jackson Reese breathed a sigh of relief, followed by a growled, “Hey, Stick, what the hell?” The pilot’s response crackled through the comm he wore […]

Sneak Peek: Chapter 1 of Shield Maiden, Book 1 of The Lone Valkyrie

Heather Resnick crouched beside the thick trunk of an old, western red cedar seeking a reprieve from the persistent nighttime rain. The boughs of the ancient sentinel, heavy with water, drooped low but held off most of the late spring shower. She adjusted the two long daggers at her waist before pulling the hair tie […]

Sneak Peek! Chapter 3 of WarMage: Unexpected

Raven was up early the next day, excited to get to her chores and head back to school. The sun was just rising over the horizon casting a soft light across the ranch when she headed out to feed the goats. She didn’t see the crossbow in time before the tip of the arrow pierced […]

Sneak Peek! Chapter 2 of WarMage: Unexpected

Deacon lay outstretched on his bed, resting his long, weary legs from another day of hard work. He waved his calloused hand dramatically at the window. “You have to be crazy! Look out the window. The sun is setting, man. There is no way you’re going back out there.” A look of dread came over […]

Sneak Peek! Chapter 1 of WarMage: Unexpected

The screen door creaked loudly, slamming shut behind Raven Alby as she jumped off the porch and ran toward the gate of the Alby Ranch. A silver dragon passed overhead with a rider from the Dragon Rangers returning from patrol over the kingdom. They were flying back toward the center of Brighton. “Right on time,” […]

Sneak Peek: Chapter 1 of Magic Street Boogie

The Dwarf behind the bar yelled, “Hey, idiots. Knock it off.” Cali Leblanc slapped the reaching hands of the frat boy foursome away as she made her way back to the long divider of polished wood that separated the owner from his patrons. She set the tray down a little harder than intended and shook […]

Sneak Peek! Chapter 1 of Making Magic!

“Are you kidding me? A five-year-old could draw a better map than this.” Laura Hadstrom turned the piece of paper sideways, upside-down, and back to what she thought was right-side up. “Okay, maybe that five-year-old was me. But still. Dad didn’t even put a compass in the corner…” Her hand reflexively went to her back […]