New Release! Book 7 of Chronicles of Winland Underwood is now available!

Winland Underwood was right! Her mother is alive, rescued, and returned to the Ozark kemana. The Warrior Witch may be back, but the mother-daughter reunion Winland dreamed of isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. Especially now that they’re both dealing with the fallout. Hector Fang has betrayed her. Erickson’s revelations about her mom still […]

Are you thankful for fan pricing and free books?

Thanksgiving is wrapping up, on to Christmas! The holidays are always a busy time for everyone and this time it seems like Thanksgiving and Christmas is almost exactly a month a part. Then New Years is always a week after Christmas. Can you believe it? We’re already down to just a little more than a month […]

Two new releases and a FREE book await you this week

Happy Thanksgiving! We have two new releases and a FREE book! Things got a little haywire this week. Grace came back from Vegas sick with the flu and she wasn’t able to help me push the buttons to send the newsletter along until today. She’s feeling a bit better now and says she’ll be right […]

New Release! Book 6 of Chronicles of Winland Underwood Now Available!

Things are finally looking up for Winland Underwood. East Calico Rock is safe, Erickson and his thugs are behind bars, and Hector Fang is turning out to be exactly what she needed. For the first time in her life, all her training with the Old Fixer may not apply. Until it does… A familiar face […]

Can Winland sort out the truth from the lies? Find out in Five If By Flight

Things are changing all around Winland… Martha finished up the Gardener’s throne this weekend and is on to creating animals for the Dark Forest. I wouldn’t be surprised if you see more pictures from her house by the weekend! I know I’m looking forward to them. ​​The citizens of East Calico Rock have grown in […]

New Release! Book 5 of Chronicles of Winland Underwood Now Available!

Winland Underwood wasn’t gone long from East Calico Rock, but a lot has changed. The least of which is the citizens were able to capture the Silver Griffin traitor, Erickson, without her. But more refugees keep arriving, and the town is expanding. Erickson wasn’t the only threat to everyone’s safety. Can the young witch leave […]

A new release, fan pricing and two preorders to round up the weekend

The weekend is finally here! That means more time for reading books, right? I hope it does because we had two great releases this week and more are coming next week. We have a new release. Yesterday, Watchman released! It’s not at fan pricing until next weekend since it came out on Friday. Kunith is still loose and […]

Join Winland and Henry as their adventures continue this week

Two exciting stories continue this week! Summer sure is holding fast, but before you know it fall temperatures will finally be here. The first day of Fall is just two days away. Are you looking forward to fall activities? Decorating for Halloween? Maybe going to a pumpkin patch. Then there’s raking the leaves and doing all […]

New Release! Book 4 of Chronicles of Winland Underwood is now available!

Winland Underwood may have met her match. Is Fang a friend or foe? Even his arctic fox is more than she seems, and Winland’s getting mixed signals. From everywhere. Now she’s one step closer to tracking down the warrior witch, and the good-looking Wizard at her side is only too eager to help. But can […]