The Warrior is coming on audio and last chance to get Estelle’s story

We have a bunch of news this week… If you’ve been waiting for The Warrior series or The Leira Chronicles to come to audiobook, I have some news for you! Get Smoked Or Go Home is available for preorder and releases on September 20. So if you were eagerly awaiting listening to that story,  it’s arriving […]

Welcome to Hellion Squadron – join Idina on her newest adventures

Idina’s adventures are about to get a lot more exciting and dangerous… For all of you who have been impatiently waiting for the next book in The Warrior series to release the day after the last one released, I have great news for you! Stand With My Unit was released this morning! She’s now with her […]

Join Idina as she faces new tests and challenges

Idina’s story gets a lot more exciting this week! Another week has come and gone. With this week we ended May and began June! It’s crazy how fast this year is moving compared to the past two. Summer is definitely here and Martha was talking about how to stay cool next week with how hot […]

Has Richard MacBlair been helping Idina from the sidelines all along?

Things are heating up for Idina… April is officially at the end of today and tomorrow, the month of May starts. That means tomorrow is also May Day. If you celebrate, I hope you have a wonderful day with beautiful weather. We have Fight Where I Am at 99 cents for Fan Pricing Saturday. Continue Idina’s adventures […]

Who or what is gunning for Idina and has her in its sights? Find out!

Things are heating up for Idina… A lot of much-needed rain has been falling in parts of Texas, including Martha’s secret garden. I guess this is the much-needed April showers to bring May flowers. She already has flowers blooming, but this will allow more to bloom as spring turns to summer. Yesterday was release day […]

New Release! Book 6 in The Warrior series now available!

Lieutenant Colonel Richard MacBlair has appeared out of thin air. Idina Moorfield has far more questions than the few answers her Uncle is willing to give her. He wants her to wait and she’s tired of waiting. Does she have a choice? Not really when Uncle is also your boss. Why is he trying to […]

A new mission – will Idina be able to use her green magic against an enemy?

Idina’s journey continues! You all really seem to be enjoying The Warrior series. In case you missed it mentioned in the past, this series will be going to 12 books instead of 8 because of how much you all seem to be enjoying it.  It’s fan pricing Saturday! That means Chew The Bullet is 99 cents today. Grab […]

Idina’s got more questions than answers. Can she decipher the journal?

Continue the Warrior’s adventures… It’s release week for Chew The Bullet. Idina Moorfield isn’t the only one on her team with unusual powers. She’s trying to figure out why the Army is bringing them all together. She’s got more questions than answers and she hasn’t deciphered the journal yet. Will it answer her questions or just create more? […]

New Release! Book 5 of The Warrior Now Available!

Idina Moorfield isn’t the only one on her team with unusual powers. Her buddy, Stop remembers everything he sees, and Cake is a new kind of man of steel. That’s the last two, which means everyone in Idina’s unit has a unique talent. Why would the Army want to bring them all together? Her commander, […]

Are you ready to continue the Warrior’s adventures?

Are you looking forward to another weekend full of great reads? Depending on where you are in the country, you might be having absolutely gorgeous weather, snow, rain or something else. No matter where you are, there are a bunch of great books, including A FUBAR Kind of Day, at 99 cents today. Remember, this price is […]