A new mission – will Idina be able to use her green magic against an enemy?

Idina’s journey continues! You all really seem to be enjoying The Warrior series. In case you missed it mentioned in the past, this series will be going to 12 books instead of 8 because of how much you all seem to be enjoying it.  It’s fan pricing Saturday! That means Chew The Bullet is 99 cents today. Grab […]

Idina’s got more questions than answers. Can she decipher the journal?

Continue the Warrior’s adventures… It’s release week for Chew The Bullet. Idina Moorfield isn’t the only one on her team with unusual powers. She’s trying to figure out why the Army is bringing them all together. She’s got more questions than answers and she hasn’t deciphered the journal yet. Will it answer her questions or just create more? […]

New Release! Book 5 of The Warrior Now Available!

Idina Moorfield isn’t the only one on her team with unusual powers. Her buddy, Stop remembers everything he sees, and Cake is a new kind of man of steel. That’s the last two, which means everyone in Idina’s unit has a unique talent. Why would the Army want to bring them all together? Her commander, […]

Are you ready to continue the Warrior’s adventures?

Are you looking forward to another weekend full of great reads? Depending on where you are in the country, you might be having absolutely gorgeous weather, snow, rain or something else. No matter where you are, there are a bunch of great books, including A FUBAR Kind of Day, at 99 cents today. Remember, this price is […]

Do you make lemonade when life hands you lemons

Or do you lob the lemons like hand grenades? Idina does a little bit of both, depending on the situation as we find out in A FUBAR Kind of Day, which came out on Monday! Idina’s powers are manifesting more and more often and when she least expects them or wants them to. Her CO has […]

New Release! Book 4 of The Warrior is Now Available!

When life hands you lemons, lob them like hand grenades at the enemy. Nothing is going as Idina Moorfield planned. Magical powers she didn’t know she had are erupting, distracting the young magical. Her CO is not feeling it and her team is not cooperating. How to turn things around without magic? Magic will have […]

Can Idina Figure out why she has these strange new powers?

Why is Idina the only one in her family with these strange new powers? Will she find out? It’s fan pricing Saturday, so that means you can join her on the search for her answers in Chaos and Gunfire for just 99 cents today. Grab your copy to continue Idina’s adventures in the military as she tries […]

Who says outcasts can’t be heroes? Continue Idina’s story today!

Our favorite budding Warrior has returned this week… It’s release day for Chaos and Gunfire! Idina’s visions and voices in her mind are getting more frequent and louder. That doesn’t bode well for our intrepid Warrior. It’s starting to affect her work. Will it ruin her hard earned accomplishments as well? Or will she be able […]

The New Year and Fan Pricing collide!

Happy New Year! 2021 took a parting shot at the world on its way out, but 2022 is here. Not making any resolutions this time around or extensive planning, but you know what will be coming your way in 2022? New series, new books and plenty of new releases! How did you celebrate New Years? […]

Can Idina keep her new powers under control? Find out today!

Idina finished basic and is heading to Jump School! I hope you had a restful and fun Christmas and had lots of food to enjoy and time to visit with family and friends. This will be the last time you hear from me this year. The next email won’t reach you until the New Year! 2022 is […]