Are you ready for a three day weekend? We are!

Three books fitting for a three-day weekend… Martha has had a few things up her sleeve and she revealed a little bit of it at the Friday Lunch Together While Apart yesterday. She’s building up the Dark Forest in her house for Halloween and a special secret is coming next week. Hint: It has to […]

Three new releases, including a new series, kick off the week

Three exciting new releases await us this week! August is ending with a giant bang! Not only do we have a new series releasing this week, but also two new releases in other highly anticipated series. It’s quite the way to end August and begin September. We started the week with a new series, The […]

New Release! Book 1 of The School of Roots and Vines is now available!

Sophia Briggs has passed the entrance exam and is a freshman at the famous School of Roots and Vines. The young magical is an Elemental with a twist. She can help everything that grows out of the ground – and then some. Her magic is a kind that hasn’t been seen in generations. A secret even […]

How are you staying cool this weekend?

Contest winners, fan pricing, a special announcement, and more! I’ve got a whole bunch of things to tell you about today, so I’m not going to dally, I’m going to get right to it! It’s fan pricing Saturday! If you were waiting for today to pick up your copy of Ready For All, don’t delay! It’s […]

Celebrate the 4th with two books at fan pricing!

Fan pricing combined with a holiday weekend equals lots of fun! Happy 4th of July to all of you who celebrate! It might not be until Monday, but you won’t hear from us again until after that next week, so we’re telling you now! Have fun and be safe blowing up fireworks and celebrating with […]

Welcome to Hellion Squadron – join Idina on her newest adventures

Idina’s adventures are about to get a lot more exciting and dangerous… For all of you who have been impatiently waiting for the next book in The Warrior series to release the day after the last one released, I have great news for you! Stand With My Unit was released this morning! She’s now with her […]

Join Idina as she faces new tests and challenges

Idina’s story gets a lot more exciting this week! Another week has come and gone. With this week we ended May and began June! It’s crazy how fast this year is moving compared to the past two. Summer is definitely here and Martha was talking about how to stay cool next week with how hot […]

New release! Book 7 of The Warrior is now available!

Richard MacBlair has all the answers Idina Moorfield needs and is finally willing to share them. Well, most of them. Who knew there was a whole special forces division? Dedicated to people exhibiting magical powers to deal with unique challenges? Things are starting to make a lot more sense to Idina. But a lot more […]