It’s a weekend filled with fan pricing, preorders and an update

No rest for the good or the wicked! It’s been a busy week! You may notice this email looks a little different and it might have even shown up in your inbox (I can’t really say, sometimes this technology stuff befuddles this old gnome and the troll who helps me out from time to time.) […]

Two great new releases and a box set sale on a favorite series!

Johnny and Ruby are taking on the bad guys! Did you have a nice Easter? It was a quiet weekend for Martha and her family, celebrating at home and I suspect it was a cozy weekend for many people hunting eggs and enjoying time with family. We hope you had a great weekend. Talk about an […]

New Release! Book 4 of Magic City Chronicles Now Available!

The bad guys are on the hunt, and Ruby Achera is their next target. The criminals in Magic City have realized Ruby, Morrigan, and Idryll aren’t giving up. Gabriel “The Nightmare” Sloane is pulling out all the stops to take them out. Corrupt security companies gathering magical weaponry? Check. Deadly assassin adding a Rhazdon artifact […]

A new series to kick off March! Are you excited?

There’s three amazing books this week! It’s an exciting week! Secret Agent Mom is here! Join Lucy Heron as she balances being a mom, a baker, and Silver Griffents Agent 485. She’s finding out Los Angeles is hiding a lot of secrets and not the good kinds of secrets. But you know she’s raising her kids […]

New Release! Book 3 of Magic City Chronicles Now Available

Rare gemstones in a casino is catnip to criminals. Ruby Achera will need Idryll the tiger-woman and Morrigan the archer to suit up and protect the exhibit at Spirits Casino. But who is the mysterious figure leading the criminal enterprise? Can Ruby get back to Oriceran in time to fulfill a prophecy? Being in two […]

Fan pricing and a new series launches tomorrow!

Fan pricing Saturday is here and it’s your last chance to preorder! It’s the end of the month. February has sped past us with the biggest slow spot being during that frigid cold week that gripped the country, but things are warming back up and returning to normal. It’s the last Saturday in the month […]

Friend or foe? Can Ruby figure out who’s who?

A box set and a new release! It’s a great start to the week! Did you have a good weekend? The weather sure has been crazy, and I hear the forecasters are talking about a very cold change coming this week. This old ship isn’t working like it used to, but this old gnome is […]

New Release! Book 2 of Magic City Chronicles Now Available!

Magic City is full of hustlers, con men and magicals just out for a good time. The perfect mix of glamour and gangsters. But underneath it all, a con man is scheming to pull it all apart. Can Ruby and her weretiger, Idryll find a way to save her hometown before time runs out? Or […]