Welcome to Hellion Squadron – join Idina on her newest adventures

Idina’s adventures are about to get a lot more exciting and dangerous… For all of you who have been impatiently waiting for the next book in The Warrior series to release the day after the last one released, I have great news for you! Stand With My Unit was released this morning! She’s now with her […]

New Release! Book 8 of The Warrior is Now Available!

Welcome to Hellion Squadron. A new unit, new challenges and possibly new friends await Idina Moorfield as she joins other magicals in the military to train in the fight against monsters. The soldiers in this unit are different, yet all the same. They were in the military, had issues because they had magic, and nobody […]

Start Winland’s story and continue Cait’s for just 99 cents

The end of June brings two books at fan pricing! Another three-day weekend is almost upon us. And we just had one last weekend. I guess we really shouldn’t complain as it’s nice to have extra days off – whatever that means for writers (Hint: I don’t think many of them take as much downtime […]

New Release! Book 2 of Diary of a Dark Monster is Now Available!

Henry Neumann is a billionaire with a nasty habit of changing into fur and fangs. Sure, Seattle is cool like that, but everyone has their limits. It’s his darkest secret that could tear his world apart. Well, that and his nights as the local vigilante with a lair and an arsenal of magical weapons. A […]

Not one, not two, but THREE new releases this week!

Not one, not two, but THREE new releases this week! It’s a busy week for new releases and this week EVERY single release is part of the Oriceran Universe. The newest series in the Oriceran Universe launched on Monday with One If By Land. Get to know the Fixer’s daughter, Winland Underwood, in this series and […]

New Release! Book 2 of Witch Warrior is Now Available!

Cait Keane and her Dragon partner Aza have a score to settle with an assassin – and whoever hired him. Investigating the murder of a judge wasn’t the plan for Cait’s first weeks in Boston. But they’d caught the assassin, so, case closed, right? Not so much. Everybody wants a word with the killer – […]

New Release! Book 1 of Chronicles of Winland Underwood Now Available!

Winland Underwood has been running and hiding most of her life. Today is the day she will stop and stand her ground. The half Light Elf and half Witch has led a band of magical refugees to the Ozarks where they can finally put down roots. But what darkness hides underneath the scenic mountain views? […]

Hope is a powerful weapon. Can Fran use it to defeat the darkness?

Fan Pricing Saturday! And it’s the last chance to preorder 3 books! It’s fan pricing Saturday and you know what that means! The last book in The Evermores Chronicles, Magic Awakens, is 99 cents. See how Fran, The Evermores and Mana Wave solve all their problems and put an end to the Darkness Between Dreams. You […]

New release! Book 8 of The Evermores Chronicles Now Available!

The Darkness Between Dreams is back and this time, he will let nothing stand in his way of unleashing his nightmare upon both worlds. Fran and Cam have deciphered the prophecies. Something dark and terrible is coming soon and the light is needed to defeat it. Will they be able to find out exactly what […]