New Release! Book 8 of Goth Drow Unleashed Now Available!

Things have changed and the Crown is looking for Cheyenne. Where is she hiding? Where they least expect her – in plain sight. Note: The Teacher and the Drow was originally published as a part of the megabook The Drow There and Nothing More. The Crown has been forcing people to move into the city. Easier to control. They’ve […]

New Release! Goth Drow Unleashed Book 7 Now Available!

Cheyenne’s passed her Drow trials but there’s one more step to claim her legacy. Note: Previously released as part of the megabook The Drow There and Nothing More. ​The secret contained in the heart of Ambar’ogúl and a coin placed on the Crown’s altar. But not without her father’s help. Will L’zar Verdys risk everything […]

New Release! Book 6 of Goth Drow Unleashed Now Available!

What does a Drow do when the Crown doesn’t want her to complete the trials? If you’re Cheyenne Summerlin, you work with your allies and try even harder to complete them. Just for fun. That’s how a Goth Drow does it, anyway. Finishing the trials may be key to stopping a hidden war that’s bubbling […]

It’s a weekend filled with fan pricing, preorders and an update

No rest for the good or the wicked! It’s been a busy week! You may notice this email looks a little different and it might have even shown up in your inbox (I can’t really say, sometimes this technology stuff befuddles this old gnome and the troll who helps me out from time to time.) […]

Two great new releases and a box set sale on a favorite series!

Johnny and Ruby are taking on the bad guys! Did you have a nice Easter? It was a quiet weekend for Martha and her family, celebrating at home and I suspect it was a cozy weekend for many people hunting eggs and enjoying time with family. We hope you had a great weekend. Talk about an […]

New Release! Book 5 of Goth Drow Unleashed Now Available!

More magic, more mayhem. Things are going BOOM in unexpected way for Cheyenne, including her car. Note: Agents of Darkness was originally published as a part of the megabook Quote the Drow Nevermore. Cheyenne’s life is changing, but is it for the better? She’s learning how to control her magic, but still has a long way to go before […]

A new release and a boxset at fan pricing. Isn’t it exciting?

Fan pricing Saturday is here! Another week has sped past us and it’s Saturday once again. You know what that means! Curse in the Glades is 99 cents for today only! Continue the adventures with Amanda and her friends at the Academy of Necessary Magic where future bounty hunters learn how to be good bounty hunters. And […]

What is the creature hiding in the swamp? Join Amanda to find out!

Sophomore year is starting at the Academy and a box set sale! Class is back in session. Not only is it a new semester, but a new year for Amanda at the Academy of Necessary Magic in Curse in the Glades. New semester, new problems, including a giant blue-fish-snake monster living in the swamp near the school. […]

New Release! Book 3 of Academy of Necessary Magic Now Available!

Amanda Coulier and her classmates are back at the Academy of Necessary Magic. Summer is over and sophomore year is kicking into high gear. Fewer rules means more freedom, but that can come with a price. Things are going missing from teachers’ offices and students are the prime suspects. Will Amanda be able to clear […]