The doctor called it a FOOSH…

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The doctor called it a FOOSH. How’s that for an opener. It means fall on an outstretched hand. I fell on two hands hard enough to set off my Apple watch. It bonged with an inquiry – Did I need EMS services? Trying to answer quickly took my mind off the pain for a minute.

Okay, I’ll back up a little. Recently, I was walking the sweet pittie Leela and stepped in a gopher hole. Suddenly I was in flight over the grass to the nearby driveway. It ended kind of well because I only fractured the radial bone at the elbow joint. Could have been a wrist or a hand. Maybe a win?

Leela never noticed anything was amiss and I never let go of the leash. Kind of impressive.

Bottom line is I’m typing a little less for a while.
Combine that with everyone asking me – what happened in the 31 years between Book 12 and Book 13 of The Leira Chronicles (I thought you guys would think, it’s been a long time – stuff must have happened. I can hear Anderle shaking his head and snorting with laughter) – and my inability to get to Italy just yet – it’s obvious what to do.

I’m going to pull book 13 so I can write the 8 books that need to go in between and then get back to the future. Yeah, I said it. So, stay tuned. A lot more Leira coming your way, just not yet… So many more adventures to follow.


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    1. Thank you! I think that’s the general consensus. It’s a cool thing when you can back up a little, start over and do things the right way. 🙂 Happy Sunday

  1. I just discovered your books about a month ago, so I’m starting at the beginning on one series and moving to the next. At least that is the plan. Currently I’m on book 8 of the Allison Brownstone series on my kindle and on book 3 in the Leira series in audio. LOVE your books, they have gone a long way towards keeping the shutdown bearable. I have also been enjoying your comments at the end of a book. Keep writing, I’ll catch up soon! I feel like a kid in a candy shop right about now since I discovered you and Michael and LMBPN. I read authors, so after I tripped over the Maggie Parker series and loved it, I started researching other books you guys have written and hit the jackpot. Should keep me busy for and engaged for quite a while. Magic and fantasy have always been my preferred genre, but I had a hard time finding new books and new authors. I know where to look now!

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