The Leira Chronicles – plus 4 Books (Yeah, there were more)

UPDATE:  I chose these author notes to let a lot of Leira Chronicles FANS in on something – there’s 4 more Leira Books after the Leira Chronicles – one year later – in the Rewriting Justice series. That’s right – more deliciousness to be had with Leira and of course, the troll – YTT.

By the way, these notes were written in the blissful ignorance of about to move and here I am on Halloween and still have a few boxes left to unpack. It was a lot harder than I knew, another bout of cancer awaited, but I’ve made it to the other side and love the new house. Okay, a few notes from earlier this year…



April 10, 2018

Where to begin. I’m right in the middle of selling a house and buying/building a house. It’s going better than can be expected and I hope to never do it again. A scootch stresstful. The new house is bigger, beautiful and has a really amazing office and is close to downtown Austin. In other words, my own little slice of heaven. That’s what happens when good starts rolling your way. Things change… for the better. Still feels like a roller coaster but I’m smart enough to not do it alone. Best part has been taking the ride (the books, the house…) with all of you celebrating right along with me!

And things are going to keep right on changing, including for Leira and company. If you’ve gotten this far, you know now that she’s FINALLY hooked up with Correk, broken away from working for anyone and has said goodbye to her old life. Ready for the new one. And Leira is doing it the way she does everything else – with open arms on her own terms and believing the solution is out there somewhere and she’s going to find it.

Weird how my life is synced up with Leira’s except for the fireballs and portals stuff.

So, what comes next… We’re starting a new series with a new name – Rewriting Justice (Leira 2.0) set in Georgetown, in the nation’s capital and Book 1 – Justice Is Served, came out in May.

It’s one year later… Leira is done making nice with everyone else’s rules and covering up inconvenient truths. She’s going to take her newfound powers and put them to use… with her own damn rules. The shifters (think werewolves) are coming out of the shadows and they have a big bad alpha, Lucius at the front of the pack. Can Leira get them to play nice or is that just one more group she will have to fight? She’ll have to find them first.

The dark Wizarding families have put a target on her back and it can be hard to tell who’s the good guys and who’s out for blood. The government still thinks they should control the shots but Leira can see the old rules just aren’t going to cut it anymore. And then there’s Correk… he’s moved in with Leira and things are sha-bow-wow hot with a strong female Elf taking on the world with a good male Elf who’s got her back. And he’s the new Fixer who’s got his own ideas about how that’s going to work now too.

But wait! There’s more… (Spent a lot of my childhood watching late night TV… long story)

I’m also starting two more series with Magic Mike this year – the first one is Alison Brownstone – she’s graduated and setting out to start her own business.  The School of Necessary Magic, starts over again in November with an entirely new group of kids, and starting TODAY there’s The Daniel Codex, The Artifact Enigma and a new character on the scene – Daniel Winters – CIA, hunting aliens, human and lives above a shop filled with magical artifacts. Plus, The Peabrain Adventures are finally coming out starting in January! 2019 is shaping up to be a great year already and we’re not even there yet. More giveaways, more good times, more appearances. Join my Fan Group on Facebook to keep up to date and enter contests.

And if you’re keeping track. It’s one dream house in a dream location, and a helluva lot of new books with my fave collaborator who helped change my life just because I was the one who stuck around – yeah, that guy… Michael Anderle. I’m telling you, it’s been one helluva ride with more adventures to follow. Now if I can find my own Correk… Hell, every other dream has come true.

Still planning to hit the road some time in 2019 after I’ve moved, and visit fans across the country, as well as throwing a few more open houses for our Veterans and Fans. And hang out with the good dog, Lois Lane and the Offspring and the wonderful Jackie. It’s a great life and a lot of it is because all of you. Thank you Forever! Buckle Up People!


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  1. I just wanted to say thank you for using your writing talents so wisely and for working with Michael Anderle! If you hadn’t decided to take Michael up on working together, all of us fans would have missed out on all the fun!

    1. Thank you Terry! And every time I think we’ve grown as big as we can, we grow even bigger, do more, have more fun. Looking forward to 2019…

  2. Hi, i love your books and i didnt realise there were more leira books! All i can say is i hope they are on kindle unlimited! Most books i find i can read are a) easy to read or b)boring non-fiction (yawn- sorry everyone! )
    But your books are perfect! For me anyway! I love them and i’m really glad they are out there! Just keep writing!

    1. All of Martha’s books are available on Kindle Unlimited! And yes, there’s a lot more books coming. There will be 16 total for Leira. 🙂

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