The Peabrain Society

Are you a

This is a new place for Dream Builders. For everyone who has kept a dream inside themselves that hasn’t quite emerged yet. For the Dream Slayers who are getting up early and going to bed late, making it happen. Then there’s the Dream Harmonizers, like me, who are looking to balance their quest inside their life. Or the Dreamers who have put off their new vision to take care of life like kids or career.

This is your new home where we can all come together as a community to help each of us make it up that mountain.

A place where everyone can be different, and in a group, and with a common goal. To bring all those dreams out into the daylight of a group that will help to find solutions, take those steps and get on that Journey.


Welcome Peabrains – it’s a new day. And here’s where it gets started.

We’re going to learn how to work together for common goals. To listen with open minds and open hearts. To cheer each other on as we take another step. To marvel in wonder as dreams become reality – and we pick a new dream and start all over again.

This is

Every great journey needs an origin story. Mine is that I’ve survived cancer seven times and an economic drought that left me with very little – and gone on to become a best-selling author in my dream home with two sweet dogs.

But I’m not done yet. I have more dreams I’d like to fulfill.

And I had this idea. What if I didn’t have to do it alone? What if I could make this bigger so others could come along?

What if we could help each other to get to our goals?

What if there were tools you could use to get you there that were simple, fun and actually helped?

Dream Formation has Begun!

This is my New Dream and it includes all of you. There’s an entire team working on gathering things to treat yourself, tools to get rid of roadblocks, gathering places online and appearances nationwide. It’s all getting ready to launch in September! Sign up for the Newsletter to stay in touch. We’ll be inviting some early participation over the summer and having some author lunches, giving away products, debuting some of the tools.

Dream Formation 2019 Has Begun! More adventures to follow. Welcome Fellow Peabrain, I’m glad you’re here.