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There’s a NEW newsletter  written by YTT, everyone’s favorite Troll! He’s got attitude and sass and some great tips. (Cheetos flavored chicken anyone?) The troll is also giving away short stories, wallpaper for your computer, .99 cent release days and has some tips on dating, best shows on Netflix… Sign up is on the website https://marthacarr.com/ (if you’re already here… look out below!)

Contests have started – this week you can enter for a chance to win an Urban Fantasy Starter Kit with ebooks from May Sage, Shayne Silvers, Shannon Mayer, Sara Roethle and Waking Magic – the first book in the Leira Chronicles. https://marthacarr.com/giveaways/urban-fantasy-starter-kit/ There will be a contest every week (next week check back for a chance to win an Oriceran Universe starter kit with ebooks from all five series).

It’s been a busy week picking out things for the new house in Austin that’s closer to the Offspring and the Wonderful Katie, and helping Louie load my old bike in his Prius for a music video shoot. (I have plans to ride it around my new neighborhood… ) First we had to get the spider eggs off it and then Louie pumped up the tires. Okay, so I haven’t really been riding it around lately… but I will. On the ride home, the front tire, which was right next to his head, blew like a firecracker! We both had a good laugh… me first and then he joined me. That’s kind of how are life goes. We just keep going, laugh when we can, listen to those we love and create wondrous things. More adventures to follow (from that Troll too!)…


  • I love everything Martha writes! There are a lot of twists and turns but she balances that with some of the best humor, ever! Definitely some of the best books, I have read in a long time!

    Diane Brenner
    • Thank you Diane! Glad you’re here!

      Martha Carr
  • Dear Martha,
    Thank you!!! I’ve been pretty much homebound for the last ten years. My only pleasure has been reading about one book a day on my kindle. Your Leira books have become my best friends. My only request is a return of the original covers. Th new ones are not the door to the heart the originals were. They foreshadowed the character’s delightful personalities and the way the stories would warm your heart. New covers make you feel dark and afraid to read them, especially if you need the exact opposite, joy and happiness. My only other request which I don’t really think will happen, is to hear from you someday. Blessings and love, Kevin Callihan.

    Kevin Callihan
    • Hi Kevin – thank you for writing to me (and I answer everyone…) I totally get it about the new covers but hope you hang in there with us and keep reading. So glad to hear the stories have brought you joy – keep telling others about the books and the word will get out!
      Many thanks,

      Martha Carr

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