The wait is over…for this week’s releases at least


Two new Oriceran releases are here!

In case the days have gotten away from you (I know they have gotten away from me!), did you know today is the Winter Solstice? Not only is it the solstice, but it also means there are 3 shopping days left until Christmas. If you have any shopping left to do, better get it done fast. And if you live where it’s going to get really cold (like it is here in Texas), probably best to get it done even sooner!

We had two new releases this week, both in the Oriceran Universe.

Yesterday, the second book in The Agent Operative series released with Contract Execution. Norah has a new problem to solve and it may take a kiss like in the fairy tales to save the man. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it sounds and that’s not the only problem she’s facing. She’s been approached by a production company with a new project, but she only has 14-days to make it happen. And then cursed puppets and monsters in Hollywood, oh my! Grab your copy to find out if she and her friends can save the day!

Then this morning, book 8 of Witch Warrior released with Witch With A Crisis. In case you missed it, there has been so much love for this series that it is going to be 12 books long and then Thom has plans for some favorite character you met in this and other series in the future. Cait and Aza have their hands full and a big fight on their hands. They are facing attacks on more than one front. But they aren’t the only ones. Sabrina is working on her own mission while in Perpetuity. Can our heroes survive the fights? Join them on their latest adventures today!

Preorders coming in December:

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Can a kiss save the day in Lala Land? Or is that only in the movies?

Norah Wintry is putting her magical Hollywood talent agency to good use.

Find someone who really loves Garton Saxon to kiss him and bring him out of his cursed sleep.

But with ex-wives, and too many people claiming to really love him, it’s harder than it sounds.

Meanwhile, a studio bigwig has approached her with a new project that Norah can’t resist – but there’s a catch.

Just 14 days to turn a replica of Henry VIII’s castle into a real-life horror movie set, complete with magical monsters.

It will be a challenge, but nothing Norah can’t handle. That is, until an accident happens, and the director is convinced it’s an omen of things to come. Is he right?

It wouldn’t be Hollywood if there wasn’t drama on a set. This time with fangs and spells.

Magical marionettes, cursed marionette eyes, and monsters at Universal Studios. Hollywood is getting the real deal.

Can Norah and Frondle save Saxon and Hollywood before it’s too late? Or is there something bigger trying to take over Tinsel Town?


Agent Cait Keane and her dragon Aza are under attack on every front.

The leader of the Thorns criminal organization despises Cait and the US Marshalls, and he’s decided it’s time to take them out.

But a group of terrorists are plotting against a politician, drawing Cait’s Special Operations Group away. Is it a distraction?

Even the shifters are gearing up for the big battle.

Can Cait and Aza survive the battle?

More trouble awaits them if they do.

Sabrina is still working her way through the secretive organization, Perpetuity.

Who has her back, or wants to put a knife in it?

Then there’s the most dangerous situation of all – Cait’s first meeting with a prospective suitor sent by her mom. That’s real trouble.

The US Marshal with something extra wouldn’t have it any other way.

For action, magic, snarky banter, martial arts, mystical creatures, and high intrigue, join Cait Keane on her new adventure!



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