The Witch Warrior is back this week!


This week marks an exciting conclusion to a fan-favorite series!

Well, this week is finally here. TR Cameron is at the conclusion of his longest series to date! He has been floored and thankful for all of the support for each release of the Witch Warrior series and he is excited to see what you think of the conclusion. Have no fear, this is not the last of these characters. In fact, Aisling is leading the next series and the first book, The Spy Who Tamed A Dragon, is already on preorder. Be sure to preorder your copy!

But today, book 12 of the Witch Warrior series, Witch With An Attitude, is out and you won’t want to miss the exciting conclusion! It’s going to take all the friends and colleagues Cait and Aza can pull together to meet these challenges head-on and win! Will they succeed? Be sure to get your copy to find out!

Have you seen the upcoming preorders? Check them out below!

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It’s all been building to this. Can US Marshal Cait Keane move through the chaos and get the job done? Will her team survive?

Lady Olanyr and the wolves wait for the full moon, ready to launch their attack to claim Croagh Patrick and the power it holds.

In Boston, the leader of the Thorns, Carl Winston, is plotting revenge. Across town, the leader of the Dragons faces a dire threat from her once-allies and possible treachery from one of her own.

Sabrina finds herself facing the greatest infomancy challenge she’s ever faced as she goes up against the leader of the Cui Siwang.

And Victor Huff, a shady background figure in Boston’s underworld, is ready to make his debut with an evening that the people of Boston will never forget.

Even Cait and her dragon partner Aza aren’t enough for this level of challenge. It will take her family, her partners in the US Marshals Special Operations Group, and even some members of the Rogue Agents of Magic to give her a fighting chance.

Cait will have to give everything she’s got to avoid losing both her homes to the forces of evil as her worlds balance on a knife’s edge.

The US Marshal with something extra wouldn’t have it any other way.

For action, magic, snarky banter, martial arts, mystical creatures, and high intrigue, join Cait Keane on her new adventure!


Have the monsters mutated into something they can’t take down with the usual tactics? What will it cost them?


I have a new series coming out on Kickstarter (me, on my own) – Eamon part of a trilogy for Queen of the Flightless Dragons. A story about a girl in a taco truck who fights interdimensional demons in Austin, Texas – my hometown.

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