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Trick or treat! Give me something good to read!

Okay, okay, it’s more like we’re giving you something good to read over us asking for something good to read, but I’m sure you knew what I meant.

Not only do we have one book at fan pricing, another new release that will be on fan pricing next weekend, but we also have a sneak peek for the new Oriceran series coming next week. Check out the sneak peek for Big Monster Money below and then be sure to preorder your copy. It releases on Friday!

Did you see what released this past Friday (yesterday)? The last book in The Warrior series, Ride The Thunder is out now. Join Idina and her squadron as they make a sacrifice to save the world? Will it be enough? Continue the adventures today and reminder, this will be on Fan Pricing on November 5!

And for Fan Pricing TODAY we have Witch With A Problem. Thanks to all of you wonderful fans, it was already a bestseller as of Friday! If you don’t have your copy already, grab it today and continue Cait and Aza’s adventures for just 99 cents! But remember, the price goes back to normal on Sunday!

You won’t hear from me again until after Halloween, so I hope you and yours have a safe and Happy Halloween and if Martha has any other photos from her Dark Forest, I’ll be sure to share them.
The next Friday Lunch will take place on November 4. Sign up to enter to win a pizza if you’re in the US (for lunch on November 4) below! And be sure to join us!

And more preorders will be listed next week!

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Garden District, New Orleans, Louisiana

Natalia awoke screaming in total darkness. Her heart pounded fast in her chest as a weight pressed down on her face, preventing her from drawing a breath. She struggled to push the heaviness away, but her hands were immobile at her sides. Her violent roll caused her to fall and land heavily on a hard surface. She shrieked in surprise.

Distant pounding followed by a muffled voice calling, “Natalia!” barely penetrated the encompassing dread as she struggled to free herself from her unseen assailant.

“Natalia, cher, open dis door ‘fore I bust it down,” the voice called again.

A loud blast shook her body, and seconds later, she shrieked again as strong hands grabbed her shoulders and pulled her off the hard surface.

“Natalia, wake up. You done fell outta bed, cher.”

The weight covering her face disappeared, and Natalia whimpered as bright light speared into her eyes, clouding her vision with yellow and green spots. She tried to raise her hand to block the source of her pain but struggled ineffectively to free them from their entrapment.

Check out the sneak peek for Big Monster Money!

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Shifters to the left, gangsters to the right… Cait Keane and her dragon partner Aza are stuck in the middle.

The problems are mounting for the newest member of Boston’s US Marshals. Her coven is pressed by territorial shifters, and the wolves have a secret partner who has plans of her own.

Cait might even be the target of the assassin she helped arrest – before his escape. Or maybe it is just a lone criminal with a grudge who’s after Judge Flynn.

Cait’s not buying it. Everything seems connected, and every new door that opens just brings more trouble.

An invisible menace on Oriceran. An art thief in Boston. Most frightening of all, a growing romantic connection to Shane, her mysterious partner in crime, who believes she’s someone she’s not.

It will take everything she has to untangle the knots. And every bit of help her allies can provide. Fortunately, her sisters Brianna and Aisling and her fellow Marshals are at her back.

Plus, of course, Aza, and her deepening connection to the Dragon that makes them both more dangerous to their foes.

As the balance of power in the city shifts unpredictably between the Dragons and the Roses, the path forward is cloudy, and beset with dangers. And lingering in the shadows, the threat of the Rhazdon artifacts lurks over everything, always at the corner of her mind. The stakes are high – the risks, higher.

The US Marshal with something extra wouldn’t have it any other way.

For action, magic, snarky banter, martial arts, mystical creatures, and high intrigue join Cait Keane on her new adventure!


An international mission tracking the source of monsters, and a familiar surprise, await the Elemental, Idina Moorfield and Hellion’s Bravo Team.

Now that they’ve recognized the pattern, Idina and her unit need to close the Monstrous Pandora’s Box to balance out the scales after defeating the Olc.

But supernatural entities in Scotland are nothing like what Bravo Team has dealt with back home. Neither is magic. That’s a problem when their primary objective is to get in, stop the source of monsters, and get back out.

When everything leads Idina and her team back to her Muirden ancestral home in Scotland, the mission takes on a completely different meaning none of them saw coming.

Is this all tied to Idina and Richard and their Warrior powers? Is this about more than just monsters and magic?

The answers may lie in the small town near Tigh Ghleann Estate. If only the small town wouldn’t keep disappearing

Protecting the locals from a few wayward monsters is just part of the job. Creating new honorary Muirden Warriors isn’t.

Will Idina and her team be willing to lay down their arms and sacrifice it all to return magic and monsters to balance?

Get your copy to read the exciting conclusion to The Warrior series!



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