Three great books at 99 cents and a preorder you won’t want to miss!


It’s a three-day weekend!

And you know what that means. Not only is it fan pricing Saturday, but that means you get an extra day to read all the great books you pick up this weekend. Good news, there’s three items at fan pricing this weekend, a sale and a preorder.

It’s the start of a great weekend.

Let’s start fan pricing off with Abomination in the Bog. Join Amanda, Summer, Matt and all the rest of her classmates as they finish their senior year at the Academy of Necessary Magic. Then Cheyenne is facing new challenges in The Drow Rises. She needs to fix a bunch of problems and get curses fixed before things get out of control. NOTEThe Drow Rises was previously released as part of the megabook The Drow Will Leave.

Tomorrow is the last day you can pick up Summer Solstice Shenanigans anthology for 99 cents! Grab your copy today. Note: This sale is a Kindle Countdown Deal, so it’s only 99 cents in the U.S. and U.K.

If you’re looking for a boxed set, The Adventures of Maggie Parker Complete Series Boxed Set is also 99 cents. Get to know Maggie Parker, Bernie (you know, the friendly gnome sending you these emails) and the rest of the crew as they try to keep Earth humming along. It’s also the series that launched the Terranavis Universe.

And the last book in the Dwarf Bounty Hunter series, Dwarfin’ Done, releases tomorrow. Preorder your copy ASAP to get it bright and early tomorrow morning!​​

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See what the fans are saying:

“A very imaginative story! The pace is intense, I read it in one sitting! I wish the book ended after the get the wizard, but I will look for that in the next book. If you found this book first, you should read them all! It is worth it, to see our spunky heroine grow, and become ever better, and show up her elders!”
–Charles L. Doughty

“I love this series, and I’m really hoping to read more about Amanda and her coming days as a bounty hunter, and I’m just not ready to let go of this series!!!”
–Kindle Customer

“Enjoyed it!

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this series, even if it was a bit more youthful than my typical preference, with high school drama and confusion. Would definitely like to see another series with Amanda and friends being the epicenter.”
–Amazon Customer


Cheyenne is leading the Drows at last. But there’s still a lot that could go wrong.

NOTEThe Drow Rises was previously released as part of the megabook The Drow Will Leave.
Bianca is still cursed and could bring the blight down on them. The Nimlothar forest could burn and all the Drow with it. But wait, there’s more…
The O’gúleesh in Hangivol blame her for destroying their livelihood when they should have thanked her for destroying the blight. Cheyenne’s not a fan either.
And now a new enemy is playing with portals on Earth.
It’s one thing after another for the Goth Drow. How does she fix one problem without creating four more?
Cheyenne will need the help of Inolu Roth the banebreaker who charges a hefty price for clearing curses. Turns out she paid for a little extra mayhem, too. How will she keep everyone alive and intact while working with the FRoE?
Scroll back to the top and click BUY NOW or READ FOR FREE to continue this epic adventure.

Grab the entire boxed set of The Adventures of Maggie Parker today!
If smart phones and GPS rule the world – why am I hunting a magic compass to save the planet?
Austin Detective Maggie Parker has seen some weird things in her day, but finding a surly gnome rooting through her garage beats all.
Her world is about to be turned upside down in a frantic search for 4 Elementals.
Not 3, not 5…but 4. Why is it always 4?
Each one has an artifact that can keep the Earth humming along, but they need her to unite them first.
Unless the forces against her get there first.
A compass, a telescope and untapped magic are her only tools.
Will she join forces with an army of gnomes? Can she get the hang of even a simple spell to defend herself?
Included in this boxed set is:
  1. The Magic Compass
  2. The Gnome’s Magic
  3. The Elemental’s Magic
  4. The Magic Quest
From the best selling author of The Leira Chronicles
Magic exists. Too bad it might kill us all.


See what the fans are saying!

“Very good to great Urban / Magic / Fantasy stories mostly of strong, capable, and occasionally humorous, female lead characters. This genre is not my core reading, as many other authors I’ve read in these genres have had an underlying bitterness that is absent in these stories.

The book is highly recommended for itself, and as a gateway to many readable new authors.”
–John in Indy

“What a great read.. chock full of stories different in their own right. I enjoyed reading these short stories.. there’s so many different adventures all wrapped in one book. 🤓”
–Linda K.

“I really enjoyed all the stories in this anthology. I bought it because it had a few of my authors in it and found several more that I will be looking into.”
–Julie Y.

**Note: This is a Kindle Countdown Deal. It is only 99 cents in the U.S. and U.K.

If you’re looking for books by other authors in the Summer Solstice Shenanigans, check this promotion out. Some of the books are on sale, not all, but are a great chance to read books by the authors in the anthology!

Browse Urban Fantasy Books!​

Summer Solstice Shenanigans: An Urban Fantasy Anthology $100 Amazon Card Giveaway Prizes Include:
One (1) paperback copy of the Summer Solstice Shenanigans Anthology
Additional digital Urban Fantasy books from the anthology authors
A $100 Amazon Gift-card** for a single lucky winner.

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