Tracking down artifacts and enemies is Diana’s game. Join her!


Fan pricing and a last chance to preorder!

Another weekend is here and that means another great book is waiting to be picked up at Fan Pricing!

This week, the Rogue Agents of Magic returned in Rogue Agents on the Hunt. Join our favorite agents as they hunt down Rhazdon Artifacts and stopping a cult from getting their hands on more. Will the be successful? Grab your copy to find out! And remember, it’s only 99 cents for Saturday only, so don’t delay!

Only a few days remain before Chaos and Gunfire releases! It comes out January 25. Have you preordered your copy? Things will be heating up for Idina and you won’t want to miss it.

The next Lunch Together While Apart will take place February 4. Keep an eye out for the links next week to sign up to win a pizza. There are always fun tidbits talked about in the lunches and you won’t want to miss out.​​

If you’re looking for more preorders, Magic Lineage and Wing and Fury are available. They release at the beginning of February. Preorder early so you don’t have to worry about missing the release dates.

Until next time…

See what the fans are saying!

“Strange twists, and less cultists left, but still lots of problems! Lots of action! Enjoy!

Our heroes are still fighting the cult. The general has sized up, and hunting the top bad guy. One of the team has been infected…Wonder why they can’t just destroy the artifacts? Looking forward to the next book!”
–Kindle Customer


As I’m used to these authors and their love of cliffhangers, I am quite pleased with this story. A perfect mix of action and adventure with enough story to keep me to the very end. Next?




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