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An end is here…

April showers bring May flowers! Parts of Texas are getting plenty of rain which should mean lots of flowers and hopefully tomatoes later this year in Martha’s secret garden. Charley was visiting her earlier this month and helped her set up a bunch of new stuff for the garden which is already blooming. Her quest for the perfect tomato has begun and I’m sure you’ll hear more about that in her author notes.

This week is a bitter-sweet week.The Crimson Assault released yesterday and it’s the last book in the WarMage Redux series. Raven, Chui and all her friends attend the wedding of her best friend, but it wouldn’t be a Threndoren wedding without giant frogs popping up. Maybe frog legs were on the menu for the reception? Will Raven and the crew be able to come up with a solution to put an end to all of these giant creatures popping up? Join them on their epic battle to save not just the wedding but the country today!

And today, Magic Lost came out. Fran and Cam are putting together the pieces of the puzzle where the prophecy is concerned and they aren’t sure it’s going to be a good thing. Can they use the prophecy to put an end to problems the Darkness Between Dreams is creating and find a solution to power the kemanas? Only one way to find out. Continue Fran, Cam, Mana Wave and the Evermores adventures today!

Keep an eye out! Next week Rogue Victory releases. Preorder your copy to get the exciting conclusion to the Rogue Agents of Magic story! The following week, Fight Where I Am releases. Other books available for preorder include The Magic Mirror and Magic Awakens. More preorders for new series will be coming soon!

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Welcome to the Threndoren wedding. Raven is there with Chui by her side, along with all of Brighton.

But who is that with William Moss?

No time to figure it out. The dragons grow restless, and the dogs start barking – An ominous sign.

The ‘I do’s’ are broken up by giant frogs crashing the ceremony and attacking the guests. Murphy is ready with her axe, fighting them off in her wedding dress.

Is there enough of the shrinking potion to take care of the rest?

Raven needs to find a solution before the next creature to morph is something more deadly. She seeks out the alchemists who may have a plan.

Everything is leading to an epic battle for Raven and her brave, red dragon.

But will the return of an unexpected Mage change everything for Raven? So many questions left to answer and all of them coming your way.


Break a mirror, bad luck will follow. At Mana Wave Industries the shattered glass has opened the portal to old enemies.

Fran Berryman isn’t losing everything she built just like that. This witch will fight to protect and preserve what’s hers.

But the Darkness Between Dreams has plans to unleash his nightmare realm.

That can’t be good.

Are the pieces of the prophecy coming together and who will be on the winning side?

Can the Source remain hidden? The Evermores will die trying, but Fran isn’t so sure they’re right.

The band of witches will have to come face to face with the Darkness Between Dreams and destroy him at last or die trying. Who will survive the battle?

Get your copy to read about a building covered in clockwork, a tiny imaginary house, a battle against rock monsters and a beast that should never have been summoned.


Who doesn’t love a rip roaring fantasy tale involving riding a magical creature? These wonderful creatures of legend come in so many varieties of shapes, sizes, abilities and personalities. We thought it might be fun to divide this epic list of dragon rider, phoenix rider, and gryphon rider books into the personality of the creature in the story. We hope you find it as fun as we did!

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