Two great new releases and a box set sale on a favorite series!


Johnny and Ruby are taking on the bad guys!

Did you have a nice Easter? It was a quiet weekend for Martha and her family, celebrating at home and I suspect it was a cozy weekend for many people hunting eggs and enjoying time with family. We hope you had a great weekend.

Talk about an exciting start to the week! Cluster Dwarf! released on Sunday and by the end of the day, despite it being Easter, it was a best seller and it still is thanks to all of you wonderful fans. Join Johnny, Lisa, the cyborgs and the coonhounds as they head out to stop smuggled weapons from getting into the hands of bad guys. These are the type of weapons that will blow up a city block like it was nothing. You know it’s going to be an explosive continuation of the series.

Then there’s Showdown in Magic City which released yesterday. Ruby is the target of the bad guys in Magic City, but they may not realize that she has friends and allies in the form of the Federal Agents of Magic. Who will win in this showdown? Get your copy to find out!

And if you don’t have The Kacy Chronicles Boxed Set, you should check it out. It’s 99 cents and includes all four books in the series. If you like portal-travel, magic, dragons, action, adventure,  and romance, this Oriceran series is for you! Check it out today!

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Johnny Walker used to live a quiet life in the Florida swamps with his two hound dogs by his side. Life has changed… a lot.

It’s a full house with teenage Amanda home for winter break and four confused cyborgs living with him. Johnny needs an escape.

Time to go hunt some monsters.

He’ll even need the help of the cyborgs for this one.

Weapons are being smuggled that can make things go boom across a city block.

Definitely NOT something they want the bad guys to get their hands on. But the monsters are getting cocky and want to take on Dwarf the Bounty Hunter.

Johnny has seen their kind before and he has a few new assets of his own.

An Elven partner with a gun, four disobedient cyborgs and two coonhounds that talk back.

These weapons smugglers have no idea what’s coming. Just the way Johnny likes it.

Get your copy and join Johnny, Lisa, the cyborgs and the coonhounds on their newest adventure.


The bad guys are on the hunt, and Ruby Achera is their next target.

The criminals in Magic City have realized Ruby, Morrigan, and Idryll aren’t giving up.

Gabriel “The Nightmare” Sloane is pulling out all the stops to take them out. Corrupt security companies gathering magical weaponry? Check. Deadly assassin adding a Rhazdon artifact to the arsenal? Check. Layers upon layers of traps and deceptions? Check.

Ruby’s friends and family are in greater danger than ever. She’s going to need some serious help. Calling all Federal Agents of Magic.

Ruby’s enemies are playing for keeps. Can Ruby do the same?

Throw the dice, Magic City, it’s time to see if this gamble pays off.

For action, magic, snarky banter, martial arts, and mystical creatures, join Ruby and her allies in Magic City!


This box set includes all four books in The Kacy Chronicles, a Prophesies of Oriceran Series full of portal-travel, magic, dragons, action, adventure and romance. Written for anyone who has ever wanted to fly!

Born to a wealthy Virginian family, privileged Jordan’s got her life all planned out. Get her PhD, find the perfect Virginia man to marry, pop out a few more Kacy’s and make her State Senator father proud.

If only Jordan could let the past rest.

When your mother disappears without a trace it carves a gash that bleeds a long time. Jordan has never given up hope that her mother is alive. So when Jordan’s old nanny shows up with a mysterious locket containing a portrait of Jordan’s mother, Jordan believes her hope was not in vain.

When the locket opens a portal to an alternate universe and a stranger hurtles through to earth, it’s not her first clue that something very strange is at play.

Teaming up with Sol, a disgruntled courier who’s lost his wings, Toth, a hardened aerial mercenary, and Eohne, a brilliant Elven magician-inventor, Jordan embarks on a haphazard quest. Facing off with interfering barmaids, terrifying harpies, and a wicked Prince with plans to destroy an entire nation is only the beginning.

Can Jordan find her mother and learn the truth about her disappearance? What happens when Jordan learns she is not who she thinks she is?

You will fall in love with these characters and wish the adventure would never end! Grab your copy and fall through the portal today!




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