Two new Oriceran series await you this weekend!


We’re heading to Vegas!

This next week, Martha, Grace, and many of the LMBPN authors, including TR Cameron, Michael Anderle, Sarah Noffke, and others, will be attending the writer’s conference followed by the Readers and Authors Vegas Event. Martha won’t be at that event, but she’ll have swag there that Grace will be giving away. Be sure to stop by the LMBPN book to nab some sweet items (postcards, pins and pop sockets). Have no fear, you’ll still be hearing from me on Saturday next week since we have no books publishing during the week.

It’s Fan Pricing Saturday! That means that the two newest releases in the Oriceran Universe, which started two new series, are 99 cents today! Grab your copy of Big Monster Money and Sign Your Fears Away to dive into the series today! You won’t want to miss these exciting stories! Remember to get your copies today before the price goes back to normal early Sunday morning!

There is also a boxed set sale going on! Get The Evermores Chronicles Complete Series Boxed Set for just 99 cents! Eight great books in the Oriceran Universe! Check it out! And if you don’t have the complete Goth Drow series yet, you can get both Goth Drow Boxed Set 1 and Goth Drow Boxed Set 2 for 99 cents!

Preorders coming through the end of the month:

Until next time…

Magical criminals require magical solutions.

Who answers the call when the mundane police dial 911?

Matt Bordelon—former Silver Griffin, wizard, and the Big Easy Bounty Hunter.

Matt has a good thing going. Deliver justice to magicals? Check. Keep the world safe from threats? Check. Make good money doing it? Cha-ching.

Unless his bounty ends up dead when the paperwork specifies alive, that is. Good thing he’s a pro at avoiding that.

Then he stumbles across a dark witch embroiled in a vicious spell battle with a dark wizard and feels compelled to aid her.

Is subtle magic at play to influence him? Or is it something else?

Matt doesn’t know, but he shelters the gorgeous woman on the run from dangerous enemies anyway. Meanwhile, a powerful magical threat is murdering mundane cops in his town. Worse, no one can identify the shadowy entity behind the killings.

Matt is on the case, but can he survive the coming battles, magical and emotional?

Get your copy and find out if the Big Easy Bounty Hunter can bag his deadly bounty or whether dark forces will prevail in the battle for magical law and order.


Norah Wintry is a Witch with a dream job. A Hollywood agent getting magical actors’ parts in blockbuster films.

It’s a niche field with unique problems. Somebody gets shrunk down to toadstool size and suddenly everyone’s upset. Welcome to L.A.

No worries. Norah will fix it.

She has a great family, a crackerjack assistant, and her business is taking off.

Until things start going wrong.

Actors are being injured, magic is causing accidents, and someone is hunting down former Silver Griffin Agents.

Which makes it her business. Her parents are Silver Griffin agents in hiding.

Norah never intended to get involved in her parent’s line of work. Whole other kind of agent – with real weapons and injuries that are harder to fix.

But someone is muscling in on her business and maybe her life.

Can Norah figure out who’s hurting magicals in Hollywood, reverse a curse on her roommate, and save her company? How about just stay alive?



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