Two new releases and a boxed set sale!


Not only are there two great new releases, but there are also two limited-time sales happening as well!

The week kicked off with Abomination in the Bog releasing on Sunday! The second half of Amanda’s senior year is way more complicated than the first half. She will need the help of her friends to save the world from a magic-eating creature and to solve another problem. Join them on their last adventure at the Academy of Necessary Magic today!

Cheyenne’s leading the Drow, but it’s not the end of her problems in The Drow Rises. She needs to fix a bunch of problems and get curses fixed before things get out of control. Join her on her latest adventures today! NOTEThe Drow Rises was previously released as part of the megabook The Drow Will Leave.

Now on to the two limited-time sales:

Now through Sept. 5, Summer Solstice Shenanigans anthology is 99 cents! Grab your copy today. The anthology disappears later this month, so you won’t want to miss your chance to grab the ebook. And if you like paperback books, this one is a massive paperback with 666 pages! Don’t miss out!

Then we have another boxed set sale. If you haven’t checked out the series that started the Terranavis Universe, grab The Adventures of Maggie Parker Complete Series Boxed Set for just 99 cents. Get to know Maggie Parker, Bernie (you know, the friendly gnome sending you these emails) and the rest of the crew as they try to keep Earth humming along. It’s an exciting ride.

Join us for Lunch Together While Apart on Sept. 10. Sign up for your chance to win a pizza here (U.S. Residents only)!​

Until next time…

Senior year is almost over. Can Amanda and her friends skate through graduation?


Before second semester can even start, Amanda is on a mission to take on a new monster.


But what if the monster isn’t a monster? The young shifter knows that firsthand.


Can Amanda convince the Coalition to listen to her and save the world’s magic? Or will she be blown off as just a kid who doesn’t know what she’s talking about?


And then there’s a totally different monster – the kind who murdered her parents.
Senior year just got complicated.
Final exams, school dances, anger management sessions and graduation. Plus prevent the world from being destroyed by a magic-eating monster.
Amanda’s gonna need the help of all her friends, and that one special boy, to pull it off.
Maybe there’s a job waiting for all of them after the Academy… if they all live.
Will Amanda be able to keep her sanity while juggling everything to save the world? Get your copy to find out!

Cheyenne is leading the Drows at last. But there’s still a lot that could go wrong.

NOTEThe Drow Rises was previously released as part of the megabook The Drow Will Leave.
Bianca is still cursed and could bring the blight down on them. The Nimlothar forest could burn and all the Drow with it. But wait, there’s more…
The O’gúleesh in Hangivol blame her for destroying their livelihood when they should have thanked her for destroying the blight. Cheyenne’s not a fan either.
And now a new enemy is playing with portals on Earth.
It’s one thing after another for the Goth Drow. How does she fix one problem without creating four more?
Cheyenne will need the help of Inolu Roth the banebreaker who charges a hefty price for clearing curses. Turns out she paid for a little extra mayhem, too. How will she keep everyone alive and intact while working with the FRoE?
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Grab the entire boxed set of The Adventures of Maggie Parker today!
If smart phones and GPS rule the world – why am I hunting a magic compass to save the planet?
Austin Detective Maggie Parker has seen some weird things in her day, but finding a surly gnome rooting through her garage beats all.
Her world is about to be turned upside down in a frantic search for 4 Elementals.
Not 3, not 5…but 4. Why is it always 4?
Each one has an artifact that can keep the Earth humming along, but they need her to unite them first.
Unless the forces against her get there first.
A compass, a telescope and untapped magic are her only tools.
Will she join forces with an army of gnomes? Can she get the hang of even a simple spell to defend herself?
Included in this boxed set is:
  1. The Magic Compass
  2. The Gnome’s Magic
  3. The Elemental’s Magic
  4. The Magic Quest
From the best selling author of The Leira Chronicles
Magic exists. Too bad it might kill us all.


See what the fans are saying!


A full-moon solstice. Let the magic flow. Feel the power.

Fae come out to play, vampires rove from dusk til dawn, and werewolves howl. Do they howl…

On this one fateful night, out come the witches, demons, vampires, shifters, and fantastic creatures in a celebration of magic and mayhem. Some spells can only be cast or curses broken on this rare, enchanted night.

If you dare, follow the fae down a magical path but beware of getting forever lost. There’s trouble around every corner amidst the glow of the supernatural.

This summer solstice anthology includes twenty-five brand new, never before published, urban fantasy short stories from international bestselling authors as well as exciting new talent.

Read it today.

Six thrilling adventures begin in this one of a kind urban fantasy box set

Druid’s Dance (The Druid Legacy, Book 1)
I always loved mythology. I never realized that the legends of old were all about me.
When Elijah Wadsworth manifests strange abilities that he neither understands nor can control he discovers that he’s at the center of a legend that has been unfolding for centuries.

Wyrmrider Ascending (The Fomorian Wyrmriders, Book 1)
Dragon riders? Please. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.
Joni Campbell returned to the merkingdom of her ancestors hoping to find peace. But when the bokors open a portal to the void, and the wyrms break through into the world, she must learn to harness the power of these beasts if she hopes to save her home, and the world, from an even greater threat.

Voodoo Academy (The Voodoo Legacy, Book 1)
Being possessed has its advantages…
Annabelle Mulledy and her soul-bound familiar didn’t always get along. But their connection gave her unique abilities. When an insidious Loa discovers her power he seeks to claim her for himself. Her only hope? Join the Voodoo Academy and learn to master her powers. But are the Loa who brought her to the Academy really allies, or are they also trying to use her for their own nefarious purposes?

Bloody Hell (The Legacy of a Vampire Witch, Book 1)
Because you can’t stake a heartless vampire.
Mercy Brown has avoided the Order of the Morning Dawn for centuries. But the quasi-religious organization, dedicated to the elimination of all vampires and witches, has found her. The only way to defeat them? She’ll have to go to “bloody hell.”

Scared Shiftless (The Legend of Nyx, Book 1)
A stiletto heel through a vampire’s heart. Whoever said you had to sacrifice fabulous for functional?
After being bitten by a vampire, Nicky–a shapeshifting water elemental–lost her powers. Now, she’s stuck in a male body. After hunting vampires for years, she finally has a lead on the one who attacked her. Will she be able to face her nemesis and regain her powers, or will she lose what’s left of herself in the process?

Rise of the Morrigan (pre-quel to the Gates of Eden universe)
Not even the god who made her could tame her.
When the Dagda takes three sisters and combines them into what he thinks will make his ideal wife the Morrigan rises up to defy him.

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