Two new releases and a FREE book await you this week


Happy Thanksgiving! We have two new releases and a FREE book!

Things got a little haywire this week. Grace came back from Vegas sick with the flu and she wasn’t able to help me push the buttons to send the newsletter along until today. She’s feeling a bit better now and says she’ll be right as rain soon! (Martha has been telling her to get more sleep and she has been.)

We have two new releases this week. The first one, Six If By Honor, released on Monday! Things are looking up for Winland and she may be closer to finding her mother! Will she find her or will she be just beyond her reach again? Grab your copy to find out!

Then Sophie Briggs and the Lightning Weapon released yesterday! The young elemental’s story continues into her sophomore year. Sophie and Marcus become combat mentors, but something weird is going on. Is he becoming the villain again? Can Sophie save him? Grab your copy to find out!

And how about a free book? LMBPN is doing 6 Days of Thanksgiving with a FREE book each day this week. One If By Magic is a free book for Martha. Check it out and grab your copy if you haven’t started the series already!

Our next Friday lunch will take place Dec. 2. Sign up for your chance to win a pizza below and we hope all of you join us for our lunch get-together!

Preorders coming through the end of the month:

Until next time…

COME ONE! COME ALL! (And bring your lunch!)

We will be doing Lunch Together While Apart at 1 p.m. Central Time on FRIDAY, December 2, and everyone is invited to attend.

Five winners will be chosen from the sign-up to receive pizzas which will be scheduled to arrive 15 minutes before the start of the lunch!

If you don’t win a pizza, bring your lunch and still join us!

To be eligible, sign up at this form:

Note: The chance to win a pizza offer is for those in the United States only, but everyone can join us on Zoom.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Make sure your pizza place delivers for lunch. Or note if you’re picking it up.

Things are finally looking up for Winland Underwood.

East Calico Rock is safe, Erickson and his thugs are behind bars, and Hector Fang is turning out to be exactly what she needed.

For the first time in her life, all her training with the Old Fixer may not apply.

Until it does…

A familiar face finds Winland and Hector Fang. That’s not a good sign.

Pursued by an enemy they’d already fought and trying not to crash the kemana party, the unlikely Light-Elf-and-Custodian pair have no choice but to take off through the remains of Ravener’s buried city.

Signs pointing to her mother’s whereabouts are stronger than ever.

Can the Old Fixer’s daughter decide which misdeeds can be forgiven and which can’t—with Hector, her mother, and even herself?

Get your copy to continue Winland’s adventures today!

New responsibilities, new classes, new challenges.

The first semester of sophomore year at the famous School of Roots and Vines has begun for life Elemental Sophie Briggs and her friends.

Although Year Two brings a whirlwind of change, some things feel straight out of a not-so-ancient past.

Sophie and Marcus become Combat Mentors, giving them more time together.

Until Marcus’ secret internship makes him miss more and more school.

Something strange is happening, and things point directly at the ESCB– and Marcus.

Is he becoming the villain he once was? Sophie sure hopes not.

Will history repeat itself? Can Sophie Briggs and her friends overcome the ESCB’s newest threat?

Get your copy to find out! Continue Sophie Briggs and her friends’ adventures in Sophie Briggs and the Lightning Weapon!


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  1. can i still get the book even thoughg it is decemebr 17?
    also im still awaitng an updayte if we can biy the yumfuck plushie from trick and trodd book?

    1. You can definitely purchase the book. But the free book is no longer free.

      Currently there is no Yumfuck Plushie, but never say never.


  2. can i stil win pizza?>
    also im still waitng foer a response if i can buy yumfuck plushie?
    its not for me its dor my nepwhe incase yo were wondering.

    1. For this contest you can’t. There is a new one up now for January 6.

      Check your previous questions for the answer. 🙂


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