Vegas winners, preorders and more!


By the time you get this…

Martha and all the authors and folks at 20BooksTo50k will be heading back home from the week’s festivities in Vegas. Which means I’m holding down the fort until they get back.

Martha had a blast in Vegas, including at the author signing where 4 fans got to walk away with signed copies of either The Leira Chronicles or Dwarf Bounty Hunter. See pictures of three of the four winners below. Other fans got to get popsockets of our favorite troll, wristbands of various series, postcards or buttons!

It’s your last chance to preorder Magic Inc., and Scale and Fire. They both release this week. Rogue Rescue is also on preorder and releases next week.

And if you’re excited about The Evermores Chronicles, books 2 and 3 are also up for preorder! You can find them below!

More pictures to come soon!

Until next time…​​​​

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