What I’m Working On

What I’m Working On

I’m working on a new series outside of the Oricean universe called The Peabrain Adventures. The first book in the series, The Peabrain’s Idea is already out and you can preorder The Peabrain’s Magic. The third book, The Peabrain’s Quest will be out on July 5th.

I’ve had a few questions about the series. Check out my answers below.

What’s a peabrain?

Peabrain: (Noun) A human being who is discovering how much magic has been inside of them all along. Ordinary people are magical after all.

More than one person has asked: “Why Peabrains?” (okay just Michael Anderle)

You know, human beings do possess a wonderful magic – to create, to connect with each other, to cooperate – and are wonderfully awkward and funny and touching and more. But we don’t always see our own beauty, and we walk around listing all the things in our head that we don’t like, as if they were facts that need to change. None of it true.

In the Peabrain’s Adventures, there’s action, adventure, some romance and a lot of magic (and a lot of funny – it’s me after all) and a way for all of us to be reminded, we’re full of magic.

“Peabrain,” Maggie Parker whispered, wondering about the possibilities.

I hope you’re looking forward to reading this series. I have definitely enjoyed writing it.

Where did the idea for Peabrain happen?

Back before there was an Oriceran, Michael Anderle asked me to come up with a list of ideas for a new universe. Peabrain didn’t make the cut, but the idea stuck with me. Then my BFF author friend, Abby Lynn Knorr and I were chatting and heard how excited I was, and she started cheering me on to write a short and see what readers thought of it. I take well to challenges… The response was so great I knew I had a winner but The Leira Chronicles, a day job, and then a few other series kept pulling me away. That’s cool. Everything happens when it’s supposed to…

Still, this was cooking in the back of my brain. It’s two years later and The Peabrain Adventures are finally here. Frankly, it’s even better because all these ideas have been percolating all this time… So excited to take you all on this journey with me – at last.

Why is Peabrain special?

It’s a great question because there is some intent behind the creation of the series (maybe a universe… we’ll see). To have a great adventure, some genuine laughs and then walk away with a sense of general well-being. It’s what I want when I read urban fantasy.

If you’re a fan of the Leira Chronicles, you may have noticed there’s no cheap shots, and everyone believes that the world is generally on their side. Sure, crap happens but those same good people will come fight by your side when necessary and buy you a beer later. That is a direct reflection of me.

The Peabrain Adventures are taking that idea further down the road,

There are two ways to approach the world, with a lot of gray shades in the middle. The world has your back and you can run out there to explore the possibilities. Or that it doesn’t, and we all need to approach each other with caution. I’m going with the first thought. That other one is exhausting and shrinks my world down to suspicion.

Maggie Parker has a weird family and a tough job (Austin robbery detective), but underneath it all is this belief in herself and others… and that changes everything. It’s the real magic we all possess and can tap into at any given moment. Of course, there will be some great adventures, humor, general badassery and awesome fight scenes with a lot of magic and a little romance on the side. Come on, we’re all here for those parts!

Underneath all of it will be this spark of belief that we are here for each other, standing by each other’s side, ready for whatever comes next. More Peabrain Adventures to follow (lots more).

What makes Maggie special?

Good question YTT.

Maggie Parker is the new main character of the upcoming Peabrain Adventures.

She’s the soul sister to Leira Berens in a lot of ways. Both are loyal to their friends and family, have a crew of regulars, are funny women who love junk food (that one may just be me acting out… whatever), searching for where they fit in the world, run toward problems with the idea there’s always a solution and despite everything they’ve seen – they both believe in the basic wonderfulness of people.

No matter what happens, that’s Maggie’s reset – to believing in the world and what we can all do together.

Maggie is also special because she’s got a big task in front of her that will take everything she’s got to build a team and overcome big obstacles – No Spoilers… that’s all I can say about that for now. Along the way, she’s going to learn that magic is real and necessary and she’s in the center of all of it as an elemental. Not a spoiler if you’ve read even the first snippet.


Maggie’s life is about to change forever when she discovers the world she lives in isn’t just what it seems.

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