When the punches keep coming, the Rogue Agents of Magic just hit back harder


Diana is the problem everyone wants gone…

It’s release day for Rogue Rampage and Diana and the team are dealing with a bunch of problems where the Rhazdon artifacts are concerned. Diana, Cara, Rath the troll, and the rest of the Rogue Agents of Magic are here to cause trouble for those who use magic for evil. No matter who they are.
Grab your copy to continue their adventures! There are only two books left in this series before TR Cameron focuses on his next series.​

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When the punches keep coming, hit back harder.

Diana Sheen is in the crosshairs of the military, the Rhazdon cult, and a mysterious foe on Oriceran. She’s the problem everyone wants gone.

Too bad. Diana, Cara, Rath the troll, and the rest of the Rogue Agents of Magic are here to cause trouble for those who use magic for evil.

Time to make some enemies miserable.

But not all is well for Diana and her team.

Sloan is still missing in action, last seen entering the Pittsburgh. Amadeo the assassin has called on Rath for help with a mission.

And can Kevin and Natasha really be trusted?

The situation is too hot to call upon Ruby Achera or Cali Leblanc. RAM will have to handle this one themselves. Can they deliver a counterpunch that will set their opponents up for a knockout blow? Only one way to find out.

For action, magic, snarky banter, martial arts, mystical creatures, and high intrigue, join Diana, Rath, and the rest on their new adventure!






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