Will Raven and Fran find the answers they seek?


Here’s to a happy holiday weekend…

Fan Pricing Saturday is here – right before Easter, Passover or if you celebrate Ramadan, all are happening this month. So if you celebrate, or if you don’t, we hope you have a wonderful weekend.

But before that, the two new releases are 99 cents this Saturday: The Crimson Assault and Magic Lost are both discounted today only! Be sure to grab your copies to get the exciting conclusion to the WarMage Redux series and to continue the adventures of Fran and her team today! Don’t delay, prices go back up tomorrow morning!
Next week Rogue Victory releases. Preorder your copy to get the exciting conclusion to the Rogue Agents of Magic story!

​​The following week, Fight Where I Am releases. Other books available for preorder include The Magic Mirror and Magic Awakens. More preorders for new series will be coming soon!

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See what fans are saying:

“The best book of the entire series!

Amazing! Fantastic ending. Couldn’t put it down. It’s an awesome story. Thank you for giving us all something to take us away from our day-to-day lives.”
–Cotie K.

“I will really miss this series. I’ve enjoyed all the characters and their adventures. I hope this isn’t good bye but see ya later. Thank you so much for this tale.”

“Another outstanding series!”
–T. Jackson


Break a mirror, bad luck will follow. At Mana Wave Industries the shattered glass has opened the portal to old enemies.

Fran Berryman isn’t losing everything she built just like that. This witch will fight to protect and preserve what’s hers.

But the Darkness Between Dreams has plans to unleash his nightmare realm.

That can’t be good.

Are the pieces of the prophecy coming together and who will be on the winning side?

Can the Source remain hidden? The Evermores will die trying, but Fran isn’t so sure they’re right.

The band of witches will have to come face to face with the Darkness Between Dreams and destroy him at last or die trying. Who will survive the battle?

Get your copy to read about a building covered in clockwork, a tiny imaginary house, a battle against rock monsters and a beast that should never have been summoned.


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