Will Winland be able to protect the refugees and search for Hector Fang and her mom?


Winland’s story continues this week…

Martha is most likely on her way back from Chicago (if she’s not back already – I can’t remember how long she’s there for) and Grace will be on her way back from Australia on Wednesday – I hear it’s going to be a very long Wednesday for her seeing as it starts at 6:15 a.m. in Sydney, then she lands in San Francisco 13.5 hours later, but it will only be 7 a.m. in San Francisco, then lands in Omaha at 8:15 p.m. just to get back home around 10 p.m. Talk about a long travel day! She’s getting back the day she lost going to Australia!

We also have a new release this week! Winland Underwood’s adventures continue in Three If By Fate, which was released on Monday. Now that she has things settled down and protections established for the residents of East Calico Rock, Winland can start on her own to-do list, which includes finding Hector Fang and learning if her mother is really dead. Meanwhile, Erickson continues to hunt for Winland and the Rhazdon refugees. Can Winland protect everyone and search for Hector Fang and her mom? Grab your copy today to continue the story!

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Winland Underwood is trying to hide in plain sight. Not easy for a witch with a storied past.

The wards and the crystal are back up and running. The residents of East Calico Rock are protected, and the town is safe once again.

What does that mean for Winland Underwood?

Next on the to-do list is to look for the Custodian, Hector Fang. And if she finds him, ask about her long-dead mother. Like, is she really dead?

What else does he know about the magical history of the town?

If it were only that easy…

There’s no easy way to track Fang down.

The Old Fixer’s advice isn’t much help either. The young witch needs an item that belonged to them to complete a complicated spell.

Meanwhile, the traitor, Erickson, is still hunting Winland and the Rhazdon refugees.

Will Winland be able to protect the refugees and search for Hector Fang and her mom?


Henry Neumann was a shifter with a plan.

Get the powerful Pictish stone, the box of essence, rescue Nicole, and get everyone off the island and back to Seattle.

No plan survives contact with the enemy, especially if Stryker is involved.

Back in Seattle, darkness is filling the sky.

The ancient goddess, Kunith, is loose. In a gnarly twist, the ancient being, Stryker might be the only chance they have to bring her down. Can he be trusted?

Getting everyone to safety is Henry’s main concern but when they step through a portal, Henry finds himself in a Seattle he doesn’t recognize.

He’s in a dangerous parallel universe and Kunith is free to prey on Henry’s hometown.

He will need more help than the team he has formed.

Will the Midnight Collective aid them? Will the Pict relic Henry possesses play a role? Who can control its power?

Get your copy to find out how Henry Neumann can fight on to keep the world safe and his secret life as a shifter a secret.


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