Fan pricing leading to a week of new things!

August 12

Fan pricing, two new releases, and a Kickstarter coming soon!

You know what I like? I like it when a plan comes together.

This week, Martha and Grace put the finishing touches on her new webstore which officially opens on Monday where you can buy books direct from her as well as mugs and travel mugs. Also going live on Monday is Eamon at all retailers where you can purchase ebooks. And last but not least, the Kickstarter for Eamon playmats and dice trays go live on Monday as well.

It’s going to be the start of an exciting week!

But now it’s time for fan pricing! And that means Wings of Valor is 99 cents today. Continue the pixie’s adventures and grab the second to last book in the series to find out what they learn while on leave! Don’t delay! The price returns to normal on Sunday!

Have you seen the upcoming preorders? Check them out below! And more will be coming later this week!

Z Thornbrook and her pixie cousins are on their first leave from the Army. What do enlisted pixies do off base?

Try to stay out of trouble —and then find it anyway.

Z has tripped over a secret organization and there’s no time to go back to the commander.

Arbitum is up to something big – and dangerous – and the trio of tiny soldiers are determined to get to the bottom of it.

Sneaking into a private chapter meeting of the criminal organization’s more disgruntled grunts is just the start.

If the pixies want in with the bigwigs, they’ll have to convince a few criminal VIPs that they can fill some very big bad-guy shoes like the rest of them.

But can they really?

Just what exactly will Z and her cousins have to do to prove their “loyalty and dedication to the cause”? And where do the lines of their military oaths lie when the pixies have been toeing so many lines already?

It’s time for these pixie soldiers to go undercover—unofficially and on their own—to bring their commander the proof they need.

How long can the pixies play double-agent? Will they keep all their ducks in a row and secrets in place? Or will getting a little too comfy in their new roles blow the whole thing wide open?



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