New Release! Book 1 of The Warrior 2 is now available!


Idina Moorfield and Bravo Team are back for another mission. Illegal arms are moving through the Ural mountains.

But things with Hellion have changed a little since Idina’s team saved the world from monsters running the show for good, and someone else’s secrets are getting in the way this time.

Will Emily Trigger let her past interfere with getting the job done?
A dangerous blow hurts the Hellion team more than ever, and Emily is temporarily reassigned to the Prodigal Suns.

Her second chance.

A newly emerging danger is being kept secret, even from Bravo Team.

An old evil has found a way to crawl out of his prison deep under the ground. The living skeleton of Heka, the ancient god of magic, now walks the earth again, looking to regain his throne.

Will a new Warrior rise to the challenge?

Can Emily set aside the secret she’s been carrying long enough to help her new team defeat this powerful enemy?

Emily’s twin brother is missing and presumed dead, but Emily doesn’t believe that’s the end of the story. Can she hold out long enough to discover the truth?

Defeating Heka and his legion of mystical beasts will take everything the Prodigal Suns has got and maybe even a little help from some familiar faces.

Cheer on the Prodigal Suns and find out what’s next for Emily and Idina on the next big adventure in This They Will Defend.



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