Saturday Morning Musings and Cover Reveal

Saturday morning and time to tackle the part of life’s list that aren’t necessary but nag at me just a little all the time. Top of the list – the closet. I walk into my closet every day and look around and think, why do I still have all this stuff? That’s because some of the clothes are too big, frankly most are too small (keep hope alive) and then there’s the things I can wear mixed in with them. It’s like I wanted to set up a game for myself that I play every morning.

But this fall I turn 60 (a hot 60 I like to think, not Opie’s Aunt Bea kind of old before her time) and I’ve had enough of this game. I know… slow learner. I’m getting rid of anything that doesn’t fit or I don’t like and I’m going to buy clothes that actually fit who I am today. There’s a lot of women reading this right now who totally get why this was so difficult. I have a childhood friend who told me once with a resigned sigh, “They’re going to put on my headstone, she wanted to wait till she lost a few more pounds.” I totally got that too.

Cleaning out my closet, letting go of ‘aspirational’ clothes, having things that fit me right now today, letting go of larger clothes that I can throw on when the diet has run amok, or smaller when I do actually make it to the gym consistently is a bold statement. I will stay in this middle lane and be happy… right here. That’s my Saturday morning – hope yours is just as productive. I’ll update you once it’s done. Frankly, I kind of expect that this will change my days – not having to leap the hurdle of ‘why am I not that size still’ every morning. Keep coming back– more adventures to follow (looking even better).

Hope you enjoy the cover reveal of The Peabrain’s Idea above. What do you think of it? Are you excited for the release like I am? Let me know your thoughts.

Pre-orders start April 4!


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