Martha joins Craig for his Roadtrip Across America!

It’s me again! I know you didn’t just ask who, but in case you did, Yumfuck is here! I have some awesome news for you!Martha is joining Craig on his Roadtrip Across America later this year. And will be teaming up with him on these stops:Sept. 13 – Fort Worth, TXSept. 14 – Houston, TXSept. […]

New Release! Book 11 of The Leira Chronicles Now Available!

Leira Berens is going to the ball with her kind of Prince Charming. Tall, blonde and Light Elf. Only this grand shindig is being thrown by the Dark Families. Old artifacts have been offered up to raise money for a new charity Be careful because these party favors could be deadly. Whose side is the […]

New Release! Book 10 in The Leira Chronicles Now Available!

Leira Berens is settling into the new house in DC, making new friends and setting up house with Correk and the troll. But there’s a monster loose in two worlds. Wolfstan Humphrey is looking for a seat at every table and he’s making the rounds. Will he take the deal from the Dark Families and […]

Lunch Together While Apart

While we can’t do our fan lunches in person, we can do them via Zoom! We are doing virtual lunches and I’ll be providing pizza for some of you each week. To sign up for the virtual lunches and to be entered for a chance to get a pizza, fill out the form below! You […]