A new preorder for a new Oriceran series as we head into the New Year!


A new series from TR Cameron is coming your way!

The New Year is almost here. Just a few days away. A poll will be going up Martha’s groups about whether to do the Friday lunch this Friday or next Friday – we can’t guarantee pizzas will be available to be delivered this Friday so it may be a get-together without pizzas if enough people are interested or just wait until the next week. Keep an eye out for the polls. They’ll be up shortly after you get this email.

Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions? What about anti-Resolutions? That’s a new term I learned this week. An Anti-Resolution is something you want to give up or stop doing. Kind of interesting I think.

A new series launches next week by TR Cameron called Magic City Chronicles with the first book A Defender Rises. You’ll get to meet and know Ruby Achera as well as see some old friends from TR Cameron’s other series. You won’t want to miss this one! I promise. It’s available for preorder and releases Jan. 5!

Don’t forget Zero Dwarfs Given is available for preorder and releases Jan. 3. Continue the adventures with Johnny and the hounds to kick the new year off right!

Until next time…


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