Can the team keep Rhazdon artifacts out of the wrong hands?

The Rogue Agents are facing new challenges. Amongst them a new contender for the Rhazdon Artifacts! Seems like crazy weather is on tap for many across the U.S. this week. Some weeks it is harder than others to control the weather, but I’m doing my best. ​​​Bright and early this morning,​ Rogue Agents on the Hunt released. […]

New Release! Book 6 of Rogue Agents of Magic Now Available!

The artifact cult has a new target… and it’s Diana Sheen and Rath the troll. A new side has declared itself in the battle for control of the Rhazdon artifacts spreading evil through the country. It’s up to Diana, Rath and Cara to keep the artifacts out of their twitchy hands. On the magical world […]

Kick your weekend off with three discounted books!

Not one, not two, but THREE books at 99 cents. And a last chance to preorder! We’re now halfway through the first month of the new year! New books this week, next week and the following week and I know there are several boxed sets coming up for on sale in the coming months too. […]

Can Fran and Raven best their most recent challenges?

Fran and Raven are facing different, but still difficult, challenges The new year is starting off nice and slow, but fast at the same time. It doesn’t seem like 12 days ago the new year started, at the same time it should already be middle of the month and it’s just not quite there yet. […]

Last chance to preorder next week’s releases!

Last chance for some preorders, others coming soon The first releases for this year are coming up next week with Magic Source and Above the Storm. They release Monday and Wednesday respectively. If you don’t have your copies preordered, your last chance to do so is the next couple of days. Don’t miss out! And if you’re […]

The New Year and Fan Pricing collide!

Happy New Year! 2021 took a parting shot at the world on its way out, but 2022 is here. Not making any resolutions this time around or extensive planning, but you know what will be coming your way in 2022? New series, new books and plenty of new releases! How did you celebrate New Years? […]

Can Idina keep her new powers under control? Find out today!

Idina finished basic and is heading to Jump School! I hope you had a restful and fun Christmas and had lots of food to enjoy and time to visit with family and friends. This will be the last time you hear from me this year. The next email won’t reach you until the New Year! 2022 is […]

New Release! Book 2 of The Warrior Now Available!

Idina Moorfield is officially a soldier in the army – with a little extra firepower. Her dark and magical little secret. Can she keep the new powers under control? Jump School may be her undoing. It takes focus, determination, and steely courage to face her fears and jump out of a C-130 aircraft from 1,200 […]

All I want for Christmas is… Fan Pricing!

Christmas AND Fan Pricing? What could be better? Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone who celebrates a holiday this season! Whether you are having a white Christmas, a warmer one or one somewhere in the middle, I hope you get to enjoy this weekend and the holidays with those you want to spend time […]

Diana and the Rogue Agents are back… just in time for Christmas!

The last book to release before Christmas is here. Diana and her agents are looking to get a little bit of payback in Rogue Retribution, which released this morning! It seems like everyone, including the military, want to get their hands on the Rhazdon artifacts. Which is really not a good idea. Leira had to convince people of […]