Welcome to Hellion Squadron – join Idina on her newest adventures

Idina’s adventures are about to get a lot more exciting and dangerous… For all of you who have been impatiently waiting for the next book in The Warrior series to release the day after the last one released, I have great news for you! Stand With My Unit was released this morning! She’s now with her […]

Dive into great reads with fan pricing this weekend!

Three books for fan pricing and a last chance to preorder! It’s been a busy week. Martha harvested her first tomato of the season, I got a bunch of stuff done (and lost track of time this week), and now a three-day weekend is upon us. Do you have any plans for the weekend? Remembering […]

Two new series await you this week

Two new releases and a new boxed set are available now! It’s rare that things get away from me, but this week they definitely did. I remembered I needed to do the newsletter, then somehow thought I did do it…until late in the afternoon yesterday I realized “Oh no, I didn’t.” This week is just […]

New Release! Book 1 of Witch Warrior Now Available!

Deputy US Marshal Cait Keane is a Witch with a Badge – and a Dragon for a partner. The Boston office tour will have to wait – her first day on the job in her new appointment is canceled to pursue a federal fugitive, a magical with a penchant for fire. She’ll need her gun […]

Two sneak peeks, fan pricing and a last chance to preorder…

Fan pricing, sneak peeks, and more! May is flying past us. Next weekend is a three-day weekend for many folks. That means a lot of you will have more time for reading, yard work, grilling out, and other fun events to kick off summer while remembering the fallen. It’s fan pricing Saturday. Book 7 of […]

Read this sneak peek of Witch With A Badge

The next new Oriceran series from TR Cameron, Witch Warrior, releases this week on May 25 with Witch With a Badge. Check out this sneak peek below then preorder your copy! Compared to Cait’s previous experience at the US Marshals’ office in Columbus, Ohio, the scene as she entered Boston’s John Joseph Moakley Federal Courthouse […]

Things should be getting easier, but they’re not. Will Fran lose her company?

Things should be getting easier for Fran, Mana Wave and the Evermores, but it’s not. Will they lose everything? Did you have a wonderful weekend? In addition to her flowers, Martha spotted blueberries, figs, and peaches growing in her backyard. She’s going to have a lot of tasty treats once they all ripen up. I’m sure […]

New Release! Book 6 of Rogue Agents of Magic Now Available!

One band of Rogue Agents. Three sets of enemies. Who will emerge victorious? Everything is on the line as Diana Sheen’s team rebounds from the sneak attack on their base with aggressive moves in all directions. Nylotte’s evil ex-boyfriend on Oriceran? He’ll discover that taking the wrong person captive is a recipe for disaster. The […]

Will Raven and Fran find the answers they seek?

Here’s to a happy holiday weekend… Fan Pricing Saturday is here – right before Easter, Passover or if you celebrate Ramadan, all are happening this month. So if you celebrate, or if you don’t, we hope you have a wonderful weekend. But before that, the two new releases are 99 cents this Saturday: The Crimson Assault and Magic […]