Two sneak peeks, fan pricing and a last chance to preorder…

Fan pricing, sneak peeks, and more! May is flying past us. Next weekend is a three-day weekend for many folks. That means a lot of you will have more time for reading, yard work, grilling out, and other fun events to kick off summer while remembering the fallen. It’s fan pricing Saturday. Book 7 of […]

Read this sneak peek of Witch With A Badge

The next new Oriceran series from TR Cameron, Witch Warrior, releases this week on May 25 with Witch With a Badge. Check out this sneak peek below then preorder your copy! Compared to Cait’s previous experience at the US Marshals’ office in Columbus, Ohio, the scene as she entered Boston’s John Joseph Moakley Federal Courthouse […]

Check out this sneak peek of Guardian

Check out the first of two new series launching the last full week of May. Guardian is book 1 of Diary of a Dark Monster and releases May 23. Preorder your copy here! The night was dark and forlorn. The wind tugged at Henry’s leather jacket. He leaned forward and forced the Ninja to go […]

Things should be getting easier, but they’re not. Will Fran lose her company?

Things should be getting easier for Fran, Mana Wave and the Evermores, but it’s not. Will they lose everything? Did you have a wonderful weekend? In addition to her flowers, Martha spotted blueberries, figs, and peaches growing in her backyard. She’s going to have a lot of tasty treats once they all ripen up. I’m sure […]

New Release! Book 7 of The Evermores Chronicles now available!

The Darkness Between Dreams has been captured, the coven is in control of Philgard Technologies, and things should be returning to normal, right? Just as they think things couldn’t get worse, a new lawsuit comes against Fran and Mana Wave. If they don’t win this one, she could lose the company. Julia has plans for […]

Your input wanted for an upcoming event and check out these preorders

Three new series coming your way in the next 45 days! May flowers are here and they are blooming beautifully! Martha’s secret garden is full of them and her assistant’s garden is also blooming. Who knew both of them could make a garden grow. Martha also has tomatoes growing and they are getting big. There […]

Has Richard MacBlair been helping Idina from the sidelines all along?

Things are heating up for Idina… April is officially at the end of today and tomorrow, the month of May starts. That means tomorrow is also May Day. If you celebrate, I hope you have a wonderful day with beautiful weather. We have Fight Where I Am at 99 cents for Fan Pricing Saturday. Continue Idina’s adventures […]

Who or what is gunning for Idina and has her in its sights? Find out!

Things are heating up for Idina… A lot of much-needed rain has been falling in parts of Texas, including Martha’s secret garden. I guess this is the much-needed April showers to bring May flowers. She already has flowers blooming, but this will allow more to bloom as spring turns to summer. Yesterday was release day […]

New Release! Book 6 in The Warrior series now available!

Lieutenant Colonel Richard MacBlair has appeared out of thin air. Idina Moorfield has far more questions than the few answers her Uncle is willing to give her. He wants her to wait and she’s tired of waiting. Does she have a choice? Not really when Uncle is also your boss. Why is he trying to […]

Can the Rogue Agents prove victorious again? Only one way to find out.

Another farewell is almost here… Did you have a wonderful weekend? Did you hide and find eggs or celebrate another way? Did you plant flowers or your garden this weekend? For some places, it’s tradition to plant their garden on Good Friday. In many places, it was wonderful weather to get everything planted. No matter […]