New Release! Book 4 of The Warrior is Now Available!

When life hands you lemons, lob them like hand grenades at the enemy. Nothing is going as Idina Moorfield planned. Magical powers she didn’t know she had are erupting, distracting the young magical. Her CO is not feeling it and her team is not cooperating. How to turn things around without magic? Magic will have […]

Can Idina Figure out why she has these strange new powers?

Why is Idina the only one in her family with these strange new powers? Will she find out? It’s fan pricing Saturday, so that means you can join her on the search for her answers in Chaos and Gunfire for just 99 cents today. Grab your copy to continue Idina’s adventures in the military as she tries […]

Who says outcasts can’t be heroes? Continue Idina’s story today!

Our favorite budding Warrior has returned this week… It’s release day for Chaos and Gunfire! Idina’s visions and voices in her mind are getting more frequent and louder. That doesn’t bode well for our intrepid Warrior. It’s starting to affect her work. Will it ruin her hard earned accomplishments as well? Or will she be able […]

Can Idina keep her new powers under control? Find out today!

Idina finished basic and is heading to Jump School! I hope you had a restful and fun Christmas and had lots of food to enjoy and time to visit with family and friends. This will be the last time you hear from me this year. The next email won’t reach you until the New Year! 2022 is […]

New Release! Book 2 of The Warrior Now Available!

Idina Moorfield is officially a soldier in the army – with a little extra firepower. Her dark and magical little secret. Can she keep the new powers under control? Jump School may be her undoing. It takes focus, determination, and steely courage to face her fears and jump out of a C-130 aircraft from 1,200 […]

Discover The Warrior’s secrets and preorder two books before they release!

Start this week’s new series with fan pricing! Preorder next week’s books before it’s too late!​ Can you believe it’s Saturday already? November disappeared in a blink and it feels like December is going to do the same thing. Not surprising with the holidays, shopping, new pets and more to keep Martha and others busy! […]

Join Idina Moorfield as she takes the first step into a new life!

Is Idina Moorfield going crazy or has an ancient magic found its source? The new series, The Warrior, is finally here with Get Smoked or Go Home! Idina Moorfield isn’t making her family happy with her inability to do well with the family business. In fact, they say she’s not a true Moorfield and will never be good enough for the […]

New Release! Book 1 of The Warrior Now Available!

It’s been so long, Warrior… I can feel you… Is Idina Moorfield going crazy or has an ancient magic found its source? Her family says she’s not a true Moorfield and will never be good enough for the family business. Sometimes what looks like the worst day ever, is the beginning of our best adventure. Idina takes […]