A new mission – will Idina be able to use her green magic against an enemy?


Idina’s journey continues!

You all really seem to be enjoying The Warrior series. In case you missed it mentioned in the past, this series will be going to 12 books instead of 8 because of how much you all seem to be enjoying it. 

It’s fan pricing Saturday! That means Chew The Bullet is 99 cents today. Grab your copy, if you haven’t already, to continue Idina’s adventures as she learns more about the journal and how to use her green magic powers. There might even be a few answers to questions in this novel, you never know!

There was a lot of faces, old and new, at the Lunch Together While Apart on Friday. We were reminded that two years ago this month we had lunch together for the first time! How time flies! This week we had Charley Case and TR Cameron join us. Both talked about projects they are working on, including more Finnegan for Charley and a new series TR Cameron is starting which will release in May called The Witch Warrior. We can’t wait to share those with you!

If you were looking for Oriceran related images, we’ve got them all on Martha’s website. You can check them out here (it includes a background and other content in addition to Oriceran will be added to it soon.)

Did you see all the preorders we have available? The Crimson AssaultMagic Lost, and Rogue Victory are all available. Don’t miss out!  They come out in April!

Until next time…

See what fans are saying:

“Idina Moorfield rocks!

This series keeps getting better and better!if
Of course I quickly realized who the commander was! In fact it became clearer the further into the tale I got! I can’t wait for the next episode!”

“The stories in this series are great. The characters are fun, the concepts are engaging an the writing is quite good. I enjoyed this book and look forward to the next one.”

“I literally couldn’t put it down! I usually skim through books, but Chew the Bullet, along with the previous books in this series became a word for word read! I look forward to the next in the series with eager anticipation!”


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