What is your favorite color to wear? Are you goth like Cheyenne?


Fan pricing on two books and it’s your last chance to preorder!

The weather is definitely changing for the warmer and better. I have even seen some flowers blooming. You wouldn’t think we would this close to that bitterly cold air that hit as far south as it is, but it’s a testament to how resilient plants, and even all of us, are.

If you didn’t see it, Only The Strong Wear Black came out on Wednesday. This book is the first third of the Quote the Drow Nevermore megabook. If you prefer to read your books in smaller chunks than the big books, it’s a great time to pick it up!

And since it came out on Wednesday, it joins The Mom Identity at fan pricing today! Pick up both books for just 99 cents each. But don’t delay. The price goes back up on Sunday!

And don’t forget, it’s your last chance to order Curse in the Glades. It releases tomorrow and Cluster Dwarf releases April 4.

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Check out these reviews!

“Wonderful read.

Loved the storyline, and the family dynamic, a bit confused by the comments from whoever wrote the recipe at the end. Canola isn’t a mix of oils or at least it isn’t meant to be, it’s supposed to be pure rapeseed oil, also never heard about grapeseed oil being used in cooking before, usually only salad dressings.”
–Kindle Customer

“Good story.

Getting to like the characters and their development. Good story without a lot of cliffhanger makes it easier to keep up and mitigates my natural impatience. Will be happily watching for the next story.”
–Jim Stotlz


Have you ever been caught between two identities?

NoteOnly the Strong Wear Black was originally published as a part of the megabook Quote the Drow Nevermore.

Cheyenne’s come face-to-face with her jailbird Drow dad. She has to come to terms with the whole picture of her family. Mom was a political operative, and Dad likes to plot anarchy.

Can L’zar Verdys help her reach her true potential from inside a Chateau D’rahl cell?

Cheyenne’s Goth-grad-student world and her magical role as a badass Drow halfling is blurring. Family history can be the hardest kind to bear. The rebellion she’s battling was started by L’zar and has become an endless O’gúl war that has fallen to her to end.

Can you walk away from family?

Not if you’re Cheyenne Summerlin. Her mother didn’t raise a quitter.

Are these new discoveries enough to help her complete her trials? Will she master her powerful new abilities in time to save the people she loves?



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